3 Reason To Sell Your Canadian Boat And Get A Bill Of Sale

bill of sale

Owning a boat in Canada is a rewarding experience that may help build lasting memories and strengthen relationships with friends and family. Boating can introduce you to new people and possibilities. Due to the many fond memories associated with your boat, it may be difficult to consider trading it in for a newer model or giving up boating altogether. There may come a moment when selling your vessel is the wisest decision, despite how tough it may be. Should that time ever come, it is also important to know all about the necessary documentation involving selling your boat, such as a bill of sale and other legal documents.

Reasons Why You Might Consider Selling Your Boat

All boat owners must eventually determine whether they will benefit most from retaining their vessel, trading it in for a newer model, or getting rid of it entirely. As a boat owner, it is imperative that you consider when and why you should sell your vessel so that you can recognize when the time has come. Here at the National Vessel Registry Center, we have created a comprehensive list of reasons why you might consider selling your boat and what the process of doing so is like.

You’re No Longer Spending That Much Time On Your Boat

It is likely that you will find yourself in a situation where you still adore your boat but cannot spend much time on the water due to life’s continual interruptions. As work paths change, families’ activities grow, and summer vacation draws to a close, the relevance of family boat trips may diminish. Regardless of the cause, many yacht owners find themselves unable to create the time to use their vessels. If this is also your case, you might consider selling your boat so that someone else may enjoy it and you can earn some extra cash.

It’s Been A While Since You’ve Been On Your Boat

If creating time for sailing becomes more of a job than an adventure, it may be time to begin the vessel sale process. If it has been a while since you’ve used your boat, you should also consider selling it. No matter how many times you convince yourself you’ll return to sailing, you likely know deep down that your time as a boat owner is over and that you now prioritize other things over your boating activities.

You’re Thinking Intro Upgrading Into a New Boat

Boating is a fun and dynamic process. As your needs and preferences for a boat evolve, the boat model that best suits you may no longer be the one currently in your collection. As your family grows, technologies evolve, and amenities improve, you may be lured to larger or more contemporary boat types.

Even though you may want to put down a deposit on a new boat immediately after finding the one you like, it is crucial to consider the necessary documentation and logistics of acquiring a new boat before doing so. Taking logistics into account means making sure you have a place to store things, a way to move them, and the money to buy something new.

What Role Does a Bill of Sale Play in Selling a Boat?

A bill of sale is the document that shows the transfer of ownership from one person to another. Writing a bill of sale when selling your vessel accurately reflects the transaction and makes clear what exactly and in what conditions you are passing over to the other party. Most of the time, this is just a formality between you and the buyer, but since you may not know who is buying the ship from you, learning how to make a bill of sale for a boat can save you trouble in the future.

The Boat’s Upkeep Has Become Too Much For You

There is also the possibility that taking care of a boat is starting to become too much for you. Some reasons might include age, time management, a lack of energy for boat maintenance, or even financial constraints. There are, however, various alternatives depending on each particular situation. For example, before deciding to sell your boat, consider what you can do to decrease the burdensome element and make boat maintenance easier. Remember that you have the option of hiring someone to maintain it for you. This can get costly, though, as it is an additional cost to consider when determining how much money to set up for your boat. You have other options to explore before selling your yacht, but ultimately it may be in your best interest to sell it.

However, if you have considered many options for resolving your maintenance concerns and nothing seems to work, selling your boat may be your best option. If you do not have the time and energy to devote to maintaining your yacht, you should consider selling it. Even though that is not the step you desire to take, it may be the most practical. 

bill of sale

You Can Rely on the National Vessel Registry’s Assistance

Hopefully this blog has given you some insight regarding reasons to sell a boat and the process related to obtaining a bill of sale. If you have any further concerns, the Center for National Vessel Registration is here to help. We recognize that the initial phases of this procedure may appear to be extremely complicated and daunting. Visit our website for access to our online forms to get started. Our user-friendly portal offers all the forms you need for all your boating needs.