Important Information about Your Canadian Vessel Documentation

What you need to know about Your Canadian Vessel Documentation

When everything is in place such as the agreed price,  your Canadian Vessel Documentation will be needed. A Canadian official number is provided to a vessel once you apply for documentation. The boat will be marked with its official number, name, and hailing port when the ship documentation is issued. The official number remains with the vessel for the duration of its lifespan. When a new owner takes over the boat, the official number will help to get the documented history of the vessel.

  1. Recognition

The Canadian Vessel Registry is a national kind of vessel registration. It is recognized internationally and is managed by the federal government. Their mission is to administer it as part of Homeland Security. They keep information on an abstract of title. This can be accessed by the public upon request. A prospective customer, lender, lien-holder or owner can get this information. The information is critical for all interested parties when doing the transactions.

  1. International privileges

A certificate of documentation is a title document that is recognized internationally. A vessel traveling in international waters have special rights, privileges, and protections. This does not apply to the other state titled or the non-United States vessels. The owner of the vessel must have shipping documents and also be a United States citizen. In such a situation, the vessel is protected by the United States flag. The vessels traveling in foreign waters find this easier to sail through.

What you need to know about Your Canadian Vessel Documentation

  1. Use of the vessel

Canadian Vessel documentation may be needed depending on the usage of the vessel. The commercial vessels must be documented with the Canadian Vessel Registry. They must also qualify to trade in a particular category and determine whether a particular vessel qualifies for commercial use. The Canadian Registry will look for structural condition and title for the boat.

  1. The vessel

A boat that is documented with the Canadian Vessel registry does not hold a state title. This means it doesn’t display state registration numbers on its hull. Any vessel that that has a volume of five net tons. It should also be owned by Canadian citizen, qualifies for documentation for recreational purposes. Commercial endorsement includes the vessels that carry freight, passengers, and commercial fishing. 

  1. Your Canadian Vessel Documentation

To get a Certificate of documentation in your name, you will need to go to a documentation company. Once the vessel is documented, it remains in in the Canadian Vessel Registry system. When there is a new owner of the vessel, the ship documentation becomes invalid. The new owner requires to re-apply for a new Certificate of Documentation. The abstract of the title will be used by the documentation company. This helps them to prove that the one selling the vessel has the right to that. It also helps them to find out if there are any liens recorded against the vessel.

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