What to Know about Obtaining Your Pleasure Craft Licence

pleasure craft licence

You finally did it. You pulled the trigger and bought the recreational boat you’ve always wanted. Before you take your new vessel out on the water, however, you want to make sure you’re legally sound to operate your new boat. If your vessel has one or more motors that total up to 10hp, and you plan on primarily operating it in Canada, you’ll need to acquire a pleasure craft licence which will need to be carried on board at all times.

What is a Pleasure Craft Licence Exactly?

A pleasure craft licence is vital to the legal operation of your vessel. With it you will have a set of identification numbers at the front of the boat, which will clearly mark your vessel as licensed. A pleasure craft licence is also essential if you ever find yourself in a search and rescue situation, as it will more clearly identify you if you are lost or in trouble. There is also no fee required with getting pleasure craft licence, should you apply for it on your own—though the paperwork can be a little tricky.

pleasure craft licence

Is Vessel Registration a Better Option for You?

After doing a little bit of research, you might find that there is an alternative to obtaining a pleasure craft licence that better suits you, and that’s registering your vessel with Transport Canada. The advantages of vessel registration over a pleasure craft licence are many: it provides proof of ownership, which a simple licence does not, and it also makes travel to foreign ports significantly easier, as well as aiding in financing situations with lending institutions. If this sounds more ideal to you, a third-party service like Canadian Vessel Registry Center can be of great help in submitting your application.

Let the Experts at Canadian Vessel Registry Help

Whether you’re opting for the basic pleasure craft licence, or you’re interested in the many benefits of registering your vessel with Transport Canada, Canadian Vessel Registry Center can help you in submitting your application. Our easy to use web portal greatly simplifies the paperwork required, and our team of experts can make sure that you’re not overlooking any information that could cause your submission to be rejected. Take a minute or two to explore our website, you’ll see that we offer a great deal of vessel documentation services for just about any of your seafaring needs.