What is a Vessel Registration Search?

Vessel Registration Search

If you are kicking around the idea of buying a boat, you know that it is a major decision. For starters, owning a boat–and any vessel owner will tell you this–is a huge time commitment. Mostly, this is a positive, as you will want to spend as many of your weekends as possible out on the water. But, you will also have to spend time cleaning it, performing maintenance, and getting it ready for the changing seasons. Boats are also expensive, and often prohibitively so. For many, the sticker shock they experience when looking at new boats can scare them off the idea altogether. With this in mind, many opt to check out the secondary market, where a discerning buyer can find great deals on previously owned boats. If you plan on going down this particular road, however, you may want to understand what a vessel registration search is, as well as how you can perform one. Fortunately, at the National Vessel Registry Center, we have the answers you need.

If you have been shopping for a boat for any period of time, you have probably combed through quite a few “for sale” listings. As you peruse these offers, you are probably reading a lot about how great these boats are, as their finer qualities are surely a point of emphasis. While it is good to believe sellers are generally truthful about these matters, it is wise to do as much due diligence as possible as it can save you from buying a lemon. When performing a vessel registration query, you can pull up a detailed transcript of that boat’s ownership and accident history, provided it is registered. This can be incredibly helpful if, say, a boat has a tax lien on it. Generally speaking, a registered vessel query is just something you want to do as an informed consumer.

What Boats Can Be Found in a Vessel Registration Search?

You may be wondering when you carry out a vessel registration search, what types of boats can you find? Well, as the name would rightly suggest, boats in this database are registered with Transport Canada, which is the country’s primary transportation agency. Though any type of boat can be registered, it is required for all vessels used in commercial activity, as well as those financed with a marine mortgage. Boats that are used for international travel under the Canadian flag must also carry a registration. 

Vessel Registration Search

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