A Vessel Registry Query is Easy to Do

vessel registry query

There are all kinds of significant investments you will make in your life. Buying a home, getting a luxury car, or investing in a business are just a few of those moves you might do at some point. Before going into any of them, you most likely do all your research, get all the facts, and perform due diligence so that you are sure that you are making the best choice. When you are buying a large luxury vessel such as a yacht, the investment is no less significant and should in fact require you to take a similar approach. You want as much information as you can gather so you are sure you choose a boat that is in good shape, suits your needs, and is ultimately right for you. Performing a vessel registry query is just one of the steps you can take, and doing so is an easy process that can give you some background information that might end up being vital to you.

What a Vessel Query Provides

Performing a vessel query gives you background information on the ship you are considering purchasing. Among the most critical components you receive is learning whether there are any liens or mortgages on the boat. The last thing you want is to make a large purchase like this only to find out afterward that you are now responsible for liens that were placed on the ship long before you bought it. The query lets you determine if the vessel is problem-free so that you know you can move ahead with the purchase with greater confidence.

vessel registry query

Performing a Registry Query

The first thing you need to do when you are going to do a vessel registry query is to find a location to complete the query. There are several websites available that offer the service, including Transport Canada, which is the department that is responsible for maintaining the registry. All you need to do is enter the ship’s vessel number or the name of the vessel, and you will get your search results in a matter of seconds. Advanced search options also exist if you have more information so that you can narrow down your search and get exactly the ship you are considering.

After Your Query and Purchase

Once you have done your vessel registry query and have decided that the boat you are looking at is the right one for you, you can then move ahead and finalize your purchase. After that, you will want to become part of the registry yourself, and we at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. are just the company to assist you. We offer all the forms you may need for your application to Transport Canada, and our forms are electronic, so you can fill everything out online and transmit the information to us. Our expert staff will check it over to make sure there are no mistakes that could slow down your process, and we then send your paperwork on to Transport Canada for approval. With our help, you can get your boat registered and have the documentation you need as the new owner.