Transport Canada and Boat Registration

Transport Canada and Boat Registration

Having a commercial boat can be an important part of your business, especially if it is a centrepiece to what you do for a living. Commercial fishing boats, transportation vessels, river rafts, charter boats, cargo ships, and others all rely heavily on the operation of their vehicles to make their companies run. Whenever you are looking to start a business that uses a boat, or you want to add a vessel to your already existing business, you are going to have to go through the registration process so that you can list the boat with the government. In Canada, this responsibility falls to Transport Canada, and we can help you do what you must to deal with them. Understanding how Transport Canada and boat registration go together will help you to find the best ways out there to register your vessels.

Transport Canada and Boat Registration

The Laws of Transport Canada Boat Registration

The laws governing boat registration in Canada are something you will want to familiarize yourself with if you have boats for your business. According to current law, non-pleasure vessels and commercial river crafts are legally obligated to be registered with Transport Canada. Depending on the size of the engine you use, and the size of your vessel will determine if you need to be part of the Canadian Register of Vessels or the Small Vessel Register (Commercial). You will need to examine the specifications as they are put forth by Transport Canada so you can see which category fits the vessels that you own and use.

The Boat Registration Process

Going through the Transport Canada boat registration process can be confusing for boat owners, both old and new. With all the different forms available, you might have trouble figuring out which one to use and fill out. You will also find that not everything you need to do can be accomplished online, leaving you to physically mail-in forms and payment information to Transport Canada. Some people are uncomfortable doing this because they may not know when it gets to its destination or who has looked at the information, potentially compromising security.

A Safer Way for Boat Registration

If you are looking for a faster and safer way to accomplish Transport Canada boat registration for your company, work with us here at the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. We offer a secure website using the latest encryption means and technology so that you can submit forms to us without worry about your sensitive personal and business data. We have the registration forms on our website to make it simpler for you to fill out applications. Everything comes to us first so we can look over your forms over to make sure they are correct, and we then transmit them to transport Canada for you, so you do not have to worry about how they get them. Working with us can make registering your commercial boats much better for you so that you can spend more time with boats in the water working for your business.