Things You Can Do With a Boat Bill Of Sale in Ontario

Boat Bill Of Sale in Ontario

Ownership of the original bill of sale is required at all times. A boat bill of sale in Ontario is a legally binding contract between the buyer and the seller that details the conditions of the sale. After verifying the correctness of all vessel-related details, both parties will sign the contract in the presence of a witness. 

This certificate guarantees that the boat was recently sold to a reliable buyer and is in good hands. In some situations, a bill of sale is necessary for Ontario to transfer boat ownership legally.

Transfer Ownership of the Boat

Maybe you’ve heard of a “bill of sale,” a legal term for “title.” What is meant here are the legal documents that prove a transfer of ownership. A bill of sale is necessary when selling real estate, vehicles, and other personal goods. In the boat-buying and selling industry, it is crucial.

Even if this is your first time purchasing or selling a boat, the transaction should go faster if you are prepared with all the necessary paperwork. As a result, a bill of sale is required whenever a boat changes hands in the province of Ontario.

A Boat Bill Of In Ontario Can Help Protect Yourself from Liability Claims

Obtaining a boat bill of sale in Ontario might help you avoid legal trouble. This contract will shield you from two potential dangers: No one can argue that you or anybody using your name did not legally own the boat in the event of an accident or theft. 

This documentation will also shield you from any action for improper vessel registration. Buyer and seller signatures are required on this document, along with the boat’s year of construction, make, model, and date of sale. A disclaimer stating the vessel is being sold “as is” without guarantees is also required.

Avoid Having To Pay Taxes on Your Boat

A bill of sale must be completed when selling a boat. Despite popular belief, the government does not utilize them for tax reasons. The buyer and seller primarily use the boat bill in Ontario to establish that a transaction has occurred; however, when selling a boat, it also serves as evidence that the seller is no longer liable for any problems arising from the vessel.

Your buyer may use the bill of sale as evidence that they are not responsible for any legal actions taken against them because of your yacht if any problems arise after acquiring it. This document establishes that your buyer is no longer liable for any debts or damages associated with the boat in the event of an accident while it is in their possession. You now have an important document that may shield you from future legal issues.

Easily Prove That You Own the Boat

The legal document that verifies your boat ownership is the Bill of Sale. Submit a completed Bill of Sale request form to get one. Only the boat’s name, the location of purchase, and the purchase price are required fields. Although the other fields aren’t required, filling them out is a good idea. 

In the “acquisition” section, you could provide the donor’s name if you received the boat as a gift. When you complete this form, your request for a boat bill in Ontario will be processed promptly and sent to you for protection.

Boat Bill Of Sale in Ontario

Take Out a Loan from the Bank

In Ontario, a bill of sale for a boat might help you get a loan from the bank even if you don’t own a boat. Yes, really. It’s only natural for financial institutions to be wary about loaning money to someone who has never done so before. If you need a loan for anything, you must show that you can be trusted with money and have a track record of appropriate credit use. 

You can’t lose with a boat bill of sale in Ontario. This proves to the bank that you have bought anything independently and can keep up with regular payments. If you can handle something as sizable as a boat this way, they are confident you can repay your loan on time.

As the National Vessel Registry Center specializes in Canadian Boats, we can help you complete your bill of sale in Ontario if needed. You’ll need to complete the proper forms, and we’ll help you through them.