The Vessel Registry and Historical Research

Vessel Registry

Of the parts of our site that people don’t initially understand, “historical research” stands out. The other forms at our site, even if you don’t know exactly what they are for, make a kind of sense: licensing, registration, changing or altering some kind of registration, and so forth. Those are all forms that, one way or another, can be easily mentally placed through context clues. “Historical research” is something else. However, this can be an absolutely invaluable service from the Vessel Registry. Our forms can help you to find all of the information that you need.

Vessel Registry Info

Buying a boat is a major expense. No matter how knowledgeable you are as a vessel owner, or how much you know about boats, you want to have as much information as possible before you buy a boat. Compare it to buying a car. There are many different services all built around the idea of making sure that you know everything you can know before you buy a car. Purchasing a boat is no different. If anything, it might even be more important to have all of the relevant information. After all, if there’s a hole in a car, you aren’t going to sink into the road.

Knowledge you can Trust

That being said, you need to make sure that the info you get about your boat is information that you can trust. Sure, there might be some information online, but you can’t be sure who posted it or why. If you’re looking into purchasing a vessel, you’d like to be able to talk someone else’s word, however that could also cause you to lose plenty of money. That’s why you need an unimpeachable source, one that you can trust. That’s where our historical research documents come in. They can give you the truth about a vessel so that you can make the right decision ahead of time.

Vessel Registry

Historical Research Goes Far Back

Basically, unless you’re buying some kind of true classic vessel, you should be able to find all of the information you need from our historical research. The computer database that the historical research draws from goes back to 1984. As of this writing, that’s 35 years ago. There are not many vessels out on the water right now that are 35 years old. However, if you need older information, it’s there too. You can find information on microfilm from vessels that go as far back as 1904. So, with this historical research, there’s plenty of info to be found.

The Information You Need

Sure, this historical research may cost a few bucks, but then you’ll know the truth. There’s no worrying or doubting. Instead of just trusting that the vessel is OK, or having to get it inspected yourself to know what’s really going on, you’ll be able to read it for yourself. The more information you can have, the better equipped you’ll be to make the best decision for you, your co-workers, your family, or whoever else gets on the vessel.

To make use of our historical research files, you will need some information of your own. For example, you’ll have to put in the official number and or the vessel name itself. This is non-negotiable, as without that information, there’s no way to do a search for the information. Once you have that info, you can make a search. To be clear, our forms only apply for registered vessels. Vessels that have been licensed under the Pleasure Craft Licensing System (which is not a form of registration) won’t be found in here.

When you’re applying for historical research, you’ll want to know if the vessel is active or non-active. A non-active vessel costs a bit more. By that same token, some of these vessels have quite a bit of information on them. If it takes more than 12 pages to lay everything out, you may be assessed an additional fee. We also know that, when you think you’ve found the perfect vessel, you don’t want to sit around and wait to make the best decision. That’s why we offer rush processing and priority request information, too.

We hope that our historical research leads to you making the best decision with regards to a vessel. If it leads to you purchasing a vessel, congratulations! We can help there, too. If you go through our site, you’ll find all of the forms you need for you vessels licensing, registration, and basically anything else. When it comes time to sell your vessel (should that time come) we have forms that can help there as well. If you have any more questions about what are the right documents for your vessel at any stage of your ownership, don’t hesitate to call the National Vessel Registry Corp. at (800) 419-9569.