The Pleasure of Applying for a Pleasure Craft License from Anywhere

Pleasure Craft License

Whether you’re applying for Canadian vessel registration, Bare-Boat Charter registration, a Pleasure Craft License, or anything else, it may not exactly be fun. After all, it’s paperwork. It’s the kind of important chore that’s still, well, a chore. Most vessel owners, naturally, tend to put it off in favor of doing practically anything else. There’s nothing wrong with that, except when you do it for too long and put yourself at risk of non-compliance. We built the National Vessel Registry Center Corp. in part so that vessel owners could have a simpler and easier way of handling documentation. 

Apply for a Pleasure Craft License (or Anything Else) Easier, All in One Place 

At different times in your vessel ownership, you may need to get First-Time Registration, Transfer of Ownership, a Replacement Certificate, an Application for Change of Address, and other forms. We don’t believe that you should have to go from website to website to do that. It’s why we’ve made sure that all of these forms and so many others are available at our site. That way, you can get everything in one easy-to-find place. Plus, you can find all of the different forms we offer right in the center of the page. So, you literally cannot miss the form you’re looking for. 

Fill Out These Forms From Anywhere 

Have you tried filling out forms online only to find that they don’t load completely, so when you try to complete them you can’t? Or, did you try filling out a form on your phone only to have it crash on you a few minutes in? We made our site to be mobile optimized. That means that this site will work essentially anywhere you have an internet connection. So, if you’re out on your pleasure craft (and you have online access) then you can fill out your Pleasure Craft License all while enjoying time with friends and family. Mobile optimization has led to more freedom for our customers, as they can fill out their forms on their own schedules. 

Document Processors and More 

Part of what can take so much time when filling out vessel documentation is trying to get everything absolutely right. You don’t want to make even the tiniest mistake, because you know that’s the one that could get your forms sent back to you to be done all over again. We’re well aware of that, which is why we’ve hired the absolute best document processors in the business. They’ll go over your forms completely, catching any small mistakes before they’re passed on. 

Forms Filled Out Faster 

You can start filling out your documentation in the morning, take a break, then come back to it at lunch or after dinner, and wrap it up before you go to bed. You can always come back to these forms, which is just one more way that we make the process easier. To answer any questions or even walk you through the forms, call (800) 419-9569.