The Benefits of Vessel Registration in Ontario

Vessel Registration

If you are a boat owner in Canada, you must be aware that registering your boat in Ontario comes with several vital advantages. Vessel registration serves as evidence of ownership and is needed by law. This is perhaps the most significant aspect of registration. Other benefits include a more straightforward identification process in the event of an incident or accident and the opportunity to take part in the province-wide Boaters ‘Trail program in Ontario. Read on for more information on these and other advantages. If you register your boat, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of significant benefits, including the following:

You’ll Be Able to Operate Your Boat Legally on All Canadian Waterways.

You’ll be able to do business lawfully throughout Canadian waterways. It is mandatory to show the boat’s registration number and a particular name while it operates. A provincial certificate of ownership and a certificate of compliance with maritime safety standards are both available to boat owners with their vessels adequately registered. Additionally, a certificate of conformity with marine safety standards may be obtained. Vessel registration also makes it simpler for the Canadian Coast Guard or other relevant authorities to get in touch with you if they discover that your boat matches the description of one that is wanted or missing. This is especially important if you are responsible for a vessel that does not belong to you but is owned by someone else.

You’ll Enjoy Unlimited Third Party Liability Insurance Coverage.

Only by registering your boat can you receive this sort of insurance, which protects you from being held liable for any damage or injury your boat may cause to other boats or property. You won’t have to worry about replacing your boat’s parts if it is damaged or destroyed by fire or wind. Your boat’s Inspection and Certificate of Number will be valid if you register it with Ontario (COI). Your boat’s conformity to the Canada Shipping Act and Regulations is attested to by a Certificate of Inspection (COI). 

You may be subject to significant financial penalties if your boat violates any of these standards. Having your boat registered with the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel Registration (CCRV) means you can always know where it is. The Canadian Coast Guard Registry (CCRV) maintains track of every vessel in Canada, including yours, in case you ever need to be contacted about it. In the event of an accident that results in injuries or property damages, this insurance plan takes care of everything.

Your Boat Will Be Easier To Sell or Transfer If You Decide To Sell It

It’s like receiving a driver’s license when registering your yacht with the authorities. It’s a nice thing to have and will make your life simpler in the long term. Many people are unaware that registering your yacht opens up a world of opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. Registering a boat, for example, makes it easier to transfer or sell it than if you hadn’t registered it. Trying to find out who owns a yacht that hasn’t been registered might be challenging. 

This may make it challenging to acquire or sell a boat that hasn’t been legally registered. Some individuals may even be hesitant to buy vessels that haven’t been adequately registered for fear of their money being stolen by the government. Once you’ve registered your boat, you’ll be eligible for insurance discounts. You may be able to get your boat’s worth back via insurance if it sinks or is damaged in some other way before you sell it.

You’ll Have Access to the Ontario Boating E-Registration System.

If you are a boat owner in Ontario, you must decide on vessel registration with the government. The advantages of registering are numerous and include access to the Ontario Boating E-registration system, which allows you to change your address and contact information, purchase fishing licenses, and sign up for recreational programs. You may also use it to determine what kinds of services are open to you at this time. A boat license is not only very inexpensive, but it also only costs a set sum, regardless of the size or kind of boat that the owner has. Your driver’s license will remain valid for three years, after which you can renew it at no additional cost. There is no need to waste time standing in line at any government building because the entirety of this process can be completed online, making it simple, quick, and convenient.

Vessel Registration

With a Vessel Registration, You’ll Be Eligible for Discounts on Provincial Parks Camping Fees

One of the other most important advantages is that registered boats are eligible for savings on the camping fees charged by provincial parks. The money you save each year by taking advantage of these more affordable rates will be directly proportional to the number of times you intend to visit the coastal marine campgrounds. Even if you don’t intend to use the campgrounds very often, having access to them might be beneficial; after all, you never know when an impromptu weekend excursion could present itself! In addition, if you are seeking a location to launch your boat near Toronto or any other busy city, these marine campgrounds are a good alternative because of their proximity to large cities.

Contact the National Vessel Registry at +1 (800) 419-9569 for more. Every boat owner knows it’s important to register their vessel with the Canadian government. Still, not everyone understands why it’s necessary to do so or the benefits of owning a registered boat. The following list some of the most common reasons you should consider registering your boat with the National Vessel Registry.