The Steps of Foreign Registry for a Canadian Vessel

The Steps of Foreign Registry for a Canadian Vessel

Both commercial and pleasure vessels will move around the world over the waters. It is the very nature of the shipping and boating industry. It is common for vessels to move from location to location during the course of travel and work. But while this happens, each vessel maintains a port of registration with the particular country of the owner, ownership group, or corporation. There may be times where you are moving to a new location, whether it is to the United States or another country, and need to transfer your vessel registration from one country to another. There is a process you need to follow for a foreign registry for a Canadian vessel. Thus, you can make sure everything is done properly.

Following the Rules of a Foreign Country

Each country has its own specific rules regarding the bringing of a vessel into their waters. And different rules apply when you want to register your vessel in a country when it comes from another location. Very often, there will be taxes that need to be paid as part of the transfer. That’s the case if you were bringing a vessel registered in the United States into Canada. There is also documentation that you will need to provide and forms that you will need to fill out. That’s the way you can conduct the transfer legally.

The Steps of Foreign Registry for a Canadian Vessel

Following the Registry Process

There are many people that seek foreign registry of a Canadian vessel when they purchase a boat in another country. That may also apply when they intend to cruise foreign waters without ever bringing the vessel to Canada. You will still need to go through the Canadian registration process with Transport Canada. After that, you need to provide the appropriate documentation and forms to get your registration. You will need to provide proof to Transport Canada that the boat has never been moored in Canadian waters to avoid paying the proper tax.

Registering a Vessel in Canada

If you are planning on foreign registry for a Canadian vessel and need to file paperwork with Transport Canada, here at National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we can assist you with the process. We are experts at filing documentation with Transport Canada and make the necessary forms easily accessible and usable right here on our website. You can fill out everything online, upload your supporting documentation, and we can file on your behalf to make the process easy for you.