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As of this writing, it’s July. This is the prime boating season. Even here in Canada (an area not necessarily renowned for having the warmest climate) the beaches and waterways are open and clear. If you’ve been thinking about getting out on a boat, this is the time to do it. Before you know it, it will be fall and then winter again. The time to go out is now. In these blogs, we often mention boating tips. However, there are certain boating tips that come into play when fall and autumn arrive. Our boat registration site wants you to enjoy the summer! Then, when the leaves start to change, keep these tips in mind.

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Obviously, you want to wear a life jacket. That’s always critically important when you’re on the water. Even if you go out on the water for a party of some kind, you want to make sure that you have a personal flotation device nearby to keep you afloat should something happen. If you’re taking people out on your vessel, make sure there’s a personal flotation device that fits for everyone involved. Moreover, make sure they’re readily accessible, too: not under a cooler or buried deep within some seat cushion that you haven’t opened since the nineties.

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Personal Flotation Device for the Weather

Most people tend to associate being out on the water with warm temperatures. However, as August and then September roll in, the temperature can drop when you’re out on the water. It can feel much colder when you’re on the water than you are on land. Moreover, the water temperature is going to drop significantly, too. You might think: “that doesn’t mean much to me, I certainly don’t plan on swimming.” However, that’s just the point: as the water gets colder, it could get more dangerous.


When people hear “hypothermia,” they think it’s something that can only happen in freezing temperatures, or if there are snowflakes around or something. That’s not the case. It just takes the temperature of the water dropping to create a situation within which hypothermia can occur. If you or someone you’re with falls into the water during the autumn or winter, don’t try to remove any shoes, clothing or anything like that. Air gets trapped between those layers of clothing. That can not only help you to stay on top of the water, but it can also keep you from being exposed to that chilly water, as well. All in all, they can increase your chances of survival.

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The seasons change, summer comes and goes. Here at the National Vessel Registry Corp., we can keep your vessel out on the water during every season, year in and year out. Whether you have your boat out to make money, or just to have a great time, we can make sure you have the registration or licensing that you need. Find out more by calling us at (800) 419-9569.