Regulations to Follow for Your Registered Pleasure Craft

your registered pleasure craft

Your new boat is a thing of beauty that you plan to take full advantage of whenever you can. You have long imagined the days where you could take a boat out into the open waters and enjoy your time there. Now that you are a boat owner, you need to make sure you are aware of all the regulations that apply to you. As a boat owner in Canada, there are rules that you must follow beyond the safety regulations that you have likely made yourself aware of already. There are steps you need to take with your registered pleasure craft to make sure you are in the water and operating your vessel legally.

A License for Your Pleasure Craft

Not every pleasure craft is required to have a license, so it is important that you know if your boat falls within the requirements. Vessels that are not required to get a license include pleasure craft that operates with a motor that is less than ten horsepower. If your vessel has a motor larger than this size, you can still be exempt from licensing if you choose to obtain vessel registration for your boat instead.

your registered pleasure craft

How to Get Your Registered Pleasure Craft

If registration is the way you decide to go, there are steps you must follow so you can obtain registration and get a registered pleasure craft in Canada. The process is handled by Transport Canada, the government office in charge of transportation in Canada. There are requirements you must meet, fees that need to be paid, and forms that you must fill out so that you can file everything with Transport Canada. The forms and registration can often seem confusing to someone filing for the first time, and you do want to avoid making mistakes that can cause delays in receiving your registration.

Assistance with Registering Your Craft

If you would like to have your registered pleasure craft but are concerned about filling out the forms correctly and doing the process right, here at National Vessel Registry Vessel Corp. we are available to assist you. We have made the process easier for you by putting all the necessary forms together in one easy location on our website. You can fill out everything on our site, have our experts look it over, and then make submissions to Transport Canada for you so you can get your registration the easiest way possible.