Registration for Bareboat Charters in Canada

Registration for Bareboat Charters in Canada

A big industry today is one that involves the chartering of boats. Many individuals and groups want to take boats out for the day or for several days at a time. That way, they can go fishing, enjoy the water, and take a trip or vacation, without having to own the boat themselves. These individuals will go to a chartering company that has boats available to use, and they will pay a fee for the boats for the time period that they want. If you are the owner of a company that charters boats, you must go through registration for bareboat charters in Canada so you can have the proper paperwork for your business vessel or vessels.

Understanding the Meaning of Bareboat

The term bareboat refers to the boat that can be chartered. It is much like one would think about renting a car. The person renting the car is responsible for driving the vehicle. With a bareboat charter, the charterer and his or her crew are responsible for its proper and safe operation. This includes the motoring, anchoring, and docking of the boat. As the charter company, you offer the vessel or vessel up for charter and you receive a payment for this service.

Registration for Bareboat Charters in Canada

Registering Bareboat Charters

According to the laws in Canada, as a commercial vessel, you are responsible of the registration for bareboat charters in Canada. There are forms that you need to fill out for registration. Thus, you can get the certification you need for your boat. Along with your registration are fees associated with registration. The registration is good for six months and needs a renovation so that you can keep the certificate valid. You will have to submit an application, documentation, and your fees to transport Canada for processing.

Assistance with Bareboat Charter Registration

If you are seeking to register bareboat charters in Canada and want to make sure you fill out and file your paperwork properly, turn to us here at National Vessel Registry Center Corp. for assistance. We have the forms you need here on our website. So you can fill out everything electronically and submit the paperwork to us. Our experts will check your paperwork for errors. If everything looks good, we submit your application for you to Transport Canada for processing. We can help you to get the certification you need so you can keep your charter business moving.