How to Properly Import a Vessel into Canada

properly import a vessel into canada

Owning a boat can prove to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, the process of acquiring one can be overwhelming, considering the many options available to buyers. If you’ve decided to turn to a foreign market for boat-shopping, you must follow the proper steps to know how to properly import a vessel into Canada. Read on to know which steps you must take to import your boat from foreign territory.

Following the right steps

  1. Decide if you will import your vessel by land or by sea.
  2. If you choose to take the land route, you will need to arrange for the proper transportation of your vessel. Although transporting your boat by land can be done by you, given that your new boat is small enough, large vessels will require the services of a professional boat hauling company. Of course, this can be pricey, especially if you are transporting your boat from a large distance. So, decide if your new boat is small enough to be transported with a rented trailer, or if it will require professional services.
  3. If you decide to enter Canada in your boat by water, you will need to follow the proper rules for entering foreign seas. First of all, you will need to report your arrival immediately with the Customs and Border Protection. Speak with local authorities to find the official site you should report to upon your arrival in Canada. Secondly, at the port, you will need to undergo an inspection, where you will register your boat and all passengers on board.

properly import a vessel into canada

  1. Whether you transport your vessel by land or sea, you need to have two important forms to show to the authorities. The first document is the Bill of Sale, which is proof that the boat was purchased at a certain price, and will determine the taxes that you will pay. The second document is Deletion from Documentation, which officially revokes all prior ownership of the vessel, and as such, transfers full ownership to you. After authorities have seen these two documents, you will be asked to pay a sales tax.
  2. Once you have successfully crossed the land or marine border with your new vessel, you will need to register your boat. This can be done with Transport Canada; however, the process for registration can be lengthy and difficult. To simplify it, you can fill out the forms on the Canada Vessel Registry website, which is a seamless process.

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