Where Should the Pleasure Craft License Number Be Displayed – and Other Qs

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When you obtain a Pleasure Craft Licence, there are actions that you have to take to make sure that you’re in compliance with the law. We do everything we can to make sure that it’s easier than ever to get a Pleasure Craft Licence, registration and more.  We also know that just providing the forms isn’t an answer to every question. Below, we’ve answered where should the pleasure craft license number be displayed as well as some other questions.

pleasure craft license number

Where Should the Pleasure Craft License Number Be Displayed?

You have to show it on both sides of the bow. That’s so people on both sides of your vessel can see it, should they have to. By that same token, you also have to show the number “above the waterline” as well. That way, the number isn’t submerged when your vessel is out on the water. These numbers have to be a certain size, too. Each of them has to be in block characters that are at least three inches high. Again, this is for visibility. Additionally, the color of these numbers has to contrast with that of your ship’s hull. So, if you have a white hull, you can’t have white numbers, etc.

When Do I Have To Update My Pleasure Craft License Number?

A pleasure craft license is valid for a decade. That’s a long period of time, but if you’ve had your vessel for that long without updating, now is the time. Usually, these get updated because something in the person’s life changes. When you fill out the application for a pleasure craft license, you put in an address and a name. Should your address or name change, then you have to update this license. We understand that this may seem like a chore, which is one more reason that we made it as easy as possible to do.

How’s A Licence Different From Registration?

This could be its own blog. Registration has certain rights and privileges that a license does not. Registration serves as proof of ownership, which a license does not. By that same token, registration allows you to name your vessel, fly the Canadian flag, and has some other privileges as well.

Registration and Licensing At Our Site

Whether you decide to licence your pleasure craft or to register it, you can find all of the forms you need at our site. You can find all of the forms you need, and then fill them out in a matter of minutes. Then, in just a few clicks, they’ll be sent into us. We’ll make sure they get to the relevant authorities pronto. If you have any further questions about boat documentation, don’t hesitate to ask us. Simply give the National Vessel Registry Corp. a call at: (800) 419-9569.