Obtaining an Alberta Boat Licence

Alberta boat licence

Boating is one of the great recreations that exist today. Millions of people around the world love taking a ship out on the lakes, rivers, and oceans for an hour or two, or for days or weeks at a time so they can see things that might typically never get the opportunity to look at. Boat ownership carries responsibilities with it that go beyond the safety and maintenance of the vessel. Knowing the best ways to operate a boat is crucial, but you also need to make sure that you are in compliance with the laws wherever you are located and live. In Canada, owning a boat means familiarizing yourself with the regulations regarding licensing and registration. If you live in the Alberta province and want to know about obtaining an Alberta boat licence, we can assist you with some information.

Alberta boat licence

Do You Need a Licence?

Two parts exist to this question when it comes to Alberta. Under Canadian law, there is no licence that is necessary for you to operate a boat. Unlike a driver’s license that you need to operate a car, you do not need one to operate a boat. There are safety and preparedness courses that you can take so that you are familiar with proper boat safety, and a card is issued upon completion of this course. Still, classes like this are not mandatory for you. Your vessel, on the other hand, may require licensing. Transport Canada requires that any pleasure vessel with a motor over ten horsepower be licensed.

Options Other Than a Boat Licence

While you may, at the least, need to get an Alberta boat licence for your ship, you do have the option of registering your vessel instead. The choice is yours regarding what you may want to do since pleasure crafts are not required to obtain registration documentation. However, if you decide to do so, you need to apply for registration and fill out the appropriate paperwork for the process. Whether you choose for licensing or registration, there are still applications to file and mail out to Transport Canada. The process can be tiresome for you.

An Easy Way to Get a Licence

At the National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we can supply you with an easier way to get an Alberta boat licence or federal registration. We have created a safe and secure portal for you to fill out applications for Transport Canada online, including licence applications. You will find all the forms you may need on our site so you can fill them out at your leisure and send them to us. Once we get your forms and documentation, we check them for accuracy so they will not get returned and rejected, speeding up the process. Before you know it, you can have the licence number in your hands so you can start using your vessel. Hop over to our site today so you can get started and make the most of the beautiful weather so you can sail your boat.