Why You Need the Form 6 Bill of Sale

Form 6 Bill of Sale

Maybe you are the owner of a boat and are looking to sell your vessel. Or you may be a buyer purchasing a vessel from a private owner or on the secondary market. Either way, there are steps that you need to take so you can complete the transaction legally and register the vessel properly. In Canada, all non-pleasure vessels are required by law to get registered with Transport Canada. Failure to register your vessel can lead to heavy fines and the impounding of your ship. When you purchase a vessel, or sell one to another owner, the Form 6 Bill of Sale is something that you will need to familiarize yourself with. With it, you can complete the registration process.

Understanding the Form 6

Form 6 is the form number with Transport Canada that needs to get filled out when the sale of a vessel is completed. This form acts as the bill of sale for the transaction. It contains all the important information regarding the previous and new owner or owners of the ship. The form needs to be completed properly and then sent in to Transport Canada so it can be recorded. If you are the new owner of the boat, registration of ownership cannot be transferred to you unless a bill of sale is filed with Transport Canada.

Why You Need the Form 6 Bill of Sale

Where to Get the Form 6

To get the Form 6 Bill of Sale, you can go to Transport Canada’s website and download the form directly. You can then fill out the form appropriately, getting the necessary information and signatures on the form. The form then needs to be mailed to Transport Canada. It includes the proper address to send the form to. If you fill out information incorrectly or information is missing, the form will get returned to you. And you will need to file it again.

Using the Form 6 for Registration

Once you have the Form 6 Bill of Sale completed, you will need copies of this form so that you can transfer the registration of the vessel to you (provided you are the new owner). At National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we can assist you with the transfer process by filing the forms for transfer on your behalf electronically with Transport Canada. Our process can save you valuable time and help you get your boat in the water faster. Find the forms you need online at our site so you can get everything underway.