Learn How to Register a Boat Name

Register a Boat Name

There is nothing quite like the freedom that comes with owning your own boat. As you head out on the water, either solo or with friends and family, the troubles and stresses back on land can feel miles away. No matter if you are a fisherman, waterskier, or just an outdoors enthusiast, it is tough to beat the feeling of liberation that comes with the open water. Of course, the best way to maximize this marine pastime is to buy a boat of your own. Doing this, however, can take a bit of research and budgeting. Boats are expensive, no doubt about it, but after doing a bit of saving, and learning about the different makes and models out there, you can probably snag a great deal on the vessel of your dreams. Whether you buy a new or previously owned boat, there is probably an innate urge to put your individual stamp on it, to truly make it your own. One of the best ways to do this is to give your boat a unique moniker. In Canada, you can actually ensure that the name you choose is solely yours. Read on to learn how to register a boat name online.

If you listen to some of the more superstitious sailors out there, you will hear that it is bad luck to change the name of a boat. This idea has ancient roots, actually drawing its origins from Greek mythology. It is said that Poseidon, the God of the Sea, maintains a ledger of all vessels on the water, and disrupting his records with a name change can bring about misfortune. Well, sometimes a boat name change is unavoidable (and you can appease Poseidon with a small, champagne-filled renaming ceremony). Maybe you bought a boat that came with a name you do not care for. Perhaps some circumstances in your life have brought about the idea of renaming your boat. Regardless, by registering your boat with Transport Canada, you can give your boat a wholly unique name all its own. If you do change it, though, make sure that you remove any traces of the previous moniker.

How to Register a Boat Name Online

In Canada, any boat used for commercial purposes, flying the Canadian flag while abroad, or financed with a marine mortgage will require vessel registration. Registration, though, is available to all who want it, including those looking to put an individual stamp on their vessel. When you register a boat, it becomes identifiable by its moniker, which means no two boats can share a name in Transport Canada’s records. With this in mind, you will want to check their database to see what is available before deciding on a name. You can then use our online forms to submit your registration online.

Register a Boat Name

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