Learn About Changing the Name of a Boat Online

Changing the Name of a Boat Online

Has it long been a dream of yours to purchase your very own boat? If so, you are not alone. Many Canadians are drawn to the prospect of boat ownership due to the sense of freedom it affords. By having the luxury of being able to head out on the water whenever you would like, you can create waves and lasting memories with your friends and loved ones. An unfortunate truth, however, is that boat ownership can be prohibitively expensive. In addition to the high cost of a new vessel, there are also docking and maintenance fees to consider. For this reason, many opt to purchase a previously owned vessel in order to protect their budgets. While this can net you a great deal on a well-maintained boat, you may find that your vessel has a name that simply does not suit you. In such a case, you may want to learn a bit about the process of changing the name of a boat, and at the National Vessel Registry Center, we can help.

If you have spent months, or perhaps even years saving the necessary funds, you may be in a position to finally purchase the boat of your dreams. First, however, you will need to identify just what that boat is by doing some necessary research. Then, you can browse listings either online or in print publications to find a seller. With a price agreed upon and the keys to your new vessel in your hand, you are about to embark on an exciting new chapter in your life–there is just one problem: you do not like your boat’s name. The good news is, changing the name of a boat is partially a cosmetic process, and a minor paint job on your boat’s exterior can alter your moniker to something that better suits you. There may, however, be some paperwork involved if your boat happens to be registered with Transport Canada.

What is Required When Changing the Name of a Boat?

If you have spent any amount of time around other boaters, you may have heard whispers that changing the name of a boat can spell bad luck. This superstition actually has roots dating back to Greek mythology, as it is said that the God of the Sea, Poseidon, maintains a ledger of all vessels. By changing the name of your boat, you are disrupting the accuracy of his records, which in turn can curse you with bad fortune. While that sounds a bit scary, there are some measures you can take to appease Poseidon, and they mainly involve having a renaming ceremony that calls for champagne and good company.

Once you have satisfied the more superstitious requirements for changing your boat’s name, you may need to process a bit of paperwork. In Canada, any boat that is used for commercial purposes, financed with a marine mortgage, or travelling abroad under the Canadian flag must submit a Form 1 – Application for Vessel Registration. This is a bit of a step up from a simple Pleasure Craft License (PCL), and when you register a vessel you are given an official number and, more importantly, a completely unique name for your boat.

Because registered vessels are identified by their names, there is a formal process to complete with Transport Canada when a change is made. Specifically, you will need to complete Form 13 – Application for Change of Name of Vessel and/or Transfer of Port of Registry. You will also need to submit a payment to finalize this manoeuvre. Once you have processed this document, the onus is then on you as a boat owner to ensure that any and all traces of your vessel’s former name are thoroughly removed from your boat. 

So, you may be wondering, how can I submit this form. Or, how can I register my vessel in the first place? Well, you have a couple of different pathways you can pursue. One option is to visit Transport Canada’s website, locate the appropriate PDF forms, download them, print them out, fill them out by hand, and mail them to Transport Canada’s offices for processing. Of course, there is also a simpler way. By working with us at the National Vessel Registry Center, you can submit your applications online using our easy-to-fill web forms and SSL-encrypted web portal. 

Changing the Name of a Boat Online

Change the Name of Your Boat Online with Our Forms

Are you ready to change the name of your registered vessel? Use our online forms to complete this process in just a matter of minutes. We also have a host of other web forms for all of your Transport Canada documentation needs. Whether you need a PCL, vessel registration, or a discharge of mortgage request, we can help. Explore our site for everything you may need.