Know the Rules for Importing a Boat into Canada

Know the Rules for Importing a Boat into Canada

Sure, there are plenty of places you can go to in Canada to buy different pleasure crafts and ships. Sources are plentiful, but you may have your eye on something brand new that is built in the United States to your specifications. Perhaps you have seen something from a broker on the secondary market but the vessel resides in another country. You want the boat badly, but you need to make sure you follow the rules and protocol so you can get the boat into Canada without any issues. Knowing the rules for importing a boat into Canada can help make things much better for you, saving you hassles and money.

Preparing the Boat before Importing

If you can have everything handled by a broker for you, the process can be simple. However, you might save yourself some extra money by taking care of the processing yourself. The important aspect to remember is that you want to keep impeccable records of the transaction so that you have everything at the ready for when you need it. Keep all your documents, like the bill of sale, invoices, titles, and the like. Additionally, make sure you have paid any necessary taxes on the boat or that all liens have been satisfied before you try to bring the boat into Canada, so there are no problems or delays.

Know the Rules for Importing a Boat into Canada1

Importing the Boat

Importing a boat into Canada is done one of two ways. You can transport the boat via waterway and stop at the border crossing to have customs check everything over. There are specific points where you can do this as you bring the boat into Canadian waters. Alternatively, you can have the vessel driven across the United States border. You can then take care of all the necessary paperwork and inspections at the border.

Registering and Importing a Boat

Once you have completed importing a boat into Canada, you can then set about registering or licensing your vessel. Here at National Vessel Registry Center Corp., we are the third-party company that is here to help you with our online services. You can find all the forms and information you need here on our site so you can register electronically and we can process your documentation for you. You can have your boat legally in the country and ready to get on the water without any problems or hassles thanks to our help.