Want To Know More About Alberta Boating Regulations?

Alberta boating regulations

If you are looking for advice about operating a vessel in Alberta, you need to understand all of the Alberta boating regulations. There are some basic rules and requirements that come with running a boat in these waters, the majority of which also apply to the whole of Canada, and by learning these regulations early on in your boating career, you can save yourself a lot of stress and worry for later on. We believe that by showing you exactly what you have to do when you are operating vessels and boats in the Alberta region, we can prevent you from getting into trouble with Transport Canada or with the authorities.

Alberta Boating Regulations: Obtaining Licences

If you are planning to drive your vessel, for example, a pleasure craft, then you need to establish that you have to undertake an examination that shows you understand how to operate your vessel safely. The ensuing certification often comes in the form of a pleasure craft operator certificate or card, obtained via passing a boating safety test which is accredited by Transport Canada. You will also be required to have a licence or registration for your vessel before you go out into the water. This licence must be displayed on the vessel both above the waterline and on both sides of the bow, printed in clear lettering. These licences are essential if you wish to operate your boat in peace and in compliance with the Alberta boating regulations.

Alberta boating regulations

What About Age Range?

The majority of people who are able to afford a boat do not have to worry about age restrictions. Regulations restrict people below the age of 16 from driving a pleasure craft or on the vessel. Children below 12 may not operate pleasure crafts over 10hp, and those between 12 and 16 may not operate pleasure crafts over 40hp, unless there is suitable adult supervision. Those above the age of 16 may operate personal crafts without any supervision.

Alcohol And Vessel Operation

It is strictly forbidden for people to be in charge of a vessel while impaired with alcohol. Convictions may be extremely harsh, even for a first offense, with some offenders being given at least $1000 fine. A second offense may result in 30 days in prison, and a third offense a minimum of 120 days. The offender may also be banned from operating a boat for as long as three years.

Sticking to These Regulations

If you intend to operate your vessel in Alberta, knowing boating regulations is essential. You need to keep to the regulations stated above, as well as keeping to a 10km speed limit within the sure limit of 30 meters, for example. Understanding these regulations can help to ensure that you experience a good time when you are sailing in Alberta, or to make sure that your commercial goods are not impounded for breaking the law when you land. You can find out more about these regulations, and other boating laws which apply to all of Canada when you speak to the National Vessel Registry Center, either online or by calling (800) 419 9569 now.