How to Switch Your Pleasure Craft License to Ontario

Pleasure Craft License

The province of Ontario has several regulations that boat operators must adhere to operate their vessels legally on the ocean. Suppose you purchased a previously registered watercraft in another state or province. In that case, you must transfer your pleasure craft license to Ontario from the state or province where it was initially issued.

You can’t just decide to register your watercraft in Ontario whenever the mood strikes you; doing so is a procedure that requires effort and persistence on your part. You can handle this on your own; however, if you are still determining the information you need or the steps you need in the process, the following are some recommendations and facts regarding the license transition process.

Determine If Your Vessel Qualifies For Registration in Ontario

So you want to get your watercraft ready for a trip on the lakes and waterways of Ontario and set sail in it? Before you do so, it is essential to ensure that your watercraft is authorized to navigate the waterways of Ontario. If you acquired your watercraft somewhere else, you did not buy it from a vendor located within Ontario. 

Before you buy a pleasure craft or register it with Transport Canada, we strongly recommend that you check with local marine law enforcement officials and a marine surveyor to determine whether or not your vessel satisfies all applicable requirements under the Canada Shipping Act (such as whether or not it meets the size requirement) and whether or not it is suitable for use on the waters of Ontario. This will ensure your vessel is safe to operate on Ontario’s waters. Their counsel might save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

Make Sure Your Boat Is Insured For Operation in Ontario

You are responsible for checking that your watercraft is protected before you set sail in the province of Ontario. Because of this, you will need to contact your insurance provider and inform them of your upcoming relocation, including the date and location of the move so that they can make the necessary changes to your coverage. Be sure to keep them apprised of any alterations to your vessel, including installing new machinery or constructing a new stateroom.

Even if there are no changes to your vessel, it is critical to keep your insurance company informed of any relevant information so that they know the policyholders they are protecting. It would help if you got this sorted out as soon as possible because boat insurance differs by jurisdiction, and you won’t be able to save your boat in Ontario until you’ve transferred over your license. Therefore, you must get this worked out as quickly as possible.

Make Sure the Pleasure Craft License Is Not Expired or Suspended

If you want to bring your pleasure craft license from another province or territory into Ontario, you must ensure it has already run out and been canceled. Contacting the licensing office in the jurisdiction where your license is presently held is the way to do this successfully.

You should submit a request for a duplicate copy of your watercraft registration certificate and bill of sale once you have verified that your license is in good standing. Be aware that this procedure could take as long as eight weeks and that the cost of requesting a duplicate copy of your watercraft registration certificate or bill of sale will differ depending on how you submit your request. It is essential to keep this in mind.

 Pleasure Craft License

Provide Proof of Identification, Address, and Date of Birth

You may encounter a different registration structure at each boundary when traveling internationally. If you need to take your watercraft into international seas, you should get it licensed there beforehand. “Porting” is the term for changing your boat’s registry. It will take effort and perseverance, but you can transfer your pleasure craft license to Ontario.

Show your age, date of birth and location to board the ferry. Then, please submit photocopies of the boat’s titles, licenses, and contracts. If there are any clerical errors in the papers (like the name being misspelled), a photo of the boat in its present state will help speed up the process of fixing them.

Switching your pleasure craft license to Ontario is easy with the help of our team at the National Vessel Registry Center. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know about changing the place where your vessel is registered.