How to Submit your Vessel in the Boat Name Registry

boat name registry

If you want to honor someone who is special to you, do not want to have your license number displayed for aesthetic reasons, or just need to have your boat registered for any other cause, then this article is for you: we will explain how to include your vessel in the boat name registry, giving you the possibility of identifying your ship by a unique name and, later on, show you what to do if you want to change the name of the vessel. Read on while we shed some light on the matter.

Advantages from Registering your Boat with Transport Canada

The first thing you should note is that to be able to include your vessel in the boat name registry, it should be registered with Transport Canada. Any boat used for commercial purposes, willing to travel internationally while carrying a Canadian flag, or including a marine mortgage must be registered. Registration, however, is available to everyone, as it does provide you with some benefits that otherwise you would not have access to.

On one hand, if your boat is registered, it will be valid as proof of ownership (legal title) of the pleasure craft. This document can prove to be valuable in international borders, making the process of entering and leaving foreign ports much easier. Registered boats, on the other hand, are allowed to fly the Canadian flag. Finally, your vessel has a unique name and an official number for which it can be identified.

How to Change the Name of your Vessel

There are two different ways of getting your vessel a new name. If you are doing it for the first time, the best way is to register your boat. If your boat had a name already, and you are just intending to change it, you will need to complete form 13, also called “Application for Change of Name of Vessels and/or Transfer of Port of Registry. Apart from the typical details about yourself and the vessel, you will be asked to choose three potential new names. As we said before, your boat name identifies your vessel, so it has to be unique. Having three options increases your chances of having one of them accepted, so Transport Canada will verify your first name option, then the second, and finally the third.

In the case of boat registration, you will also be asked for three boat name options. It is recommended that you avoid common names such as “Liberty”, “Carpe Diem”, “Serendipity” or “Escape”, as you would probably be losing one of your name suggestions given that any of those names will most likely be taken. If the three names you proposed are taken, the document will be returned to you and you will have to fill it out once again. If it is approved, you need to affix it to your vessel’s exterior and make sure there are no traces of the previous boat’s identity.

boat name registry

The National Vessel Registry Center Can Get The Documents For You

According to Greek Mythology, changing the name of a boat brings bad luck. The way of fighting against the misfortunes was with a renaming ceremony, in which a bottle should be cracked on the ship for good luck. Even if you don’t believe in bad omens, a renaming ceremony is an excuse for a get-together with your friends and family.

Last but not least importantly, keep in mind that including your vessel in the boat name registry is also possible in the National Vessel Registry Center. We are a third-party agency that processes boat documentation for you, in case you don’t want to be dealing with Transport Canada, downloading forms, and having to send them out via normal post. Our platform allows you to access your documentation fully online on our SSL-encrypted website. Contact us today and get your boat a new name in a few minutes!