How To Register or Renew a Federally Owned Boat in Canada

Federal Boat Registration Canada

Registering a federally owned boat or government-owned boat in Canada differs slightly from registering private vessels. 

A Federal registry certificate serves as proof of ownership and acts as a permanent record for  your boat. While you usually need to submit information within 30 days to Transport Canada, you do get a chance to extend the time, depending on where the registration takes place. If you need a survey or are getting certified, the time may be extended up to 90 days.

Inspection Periods

Inspections for Canadian-registered vessels are conducted for the initial two years and every five years thereafter. A registry certificate and proof of ownership are required for registration purposes. Therefore, you must show a valid certificate of registry and proof of legal ownership when you register online. Registration will reflect on the details presented on the certificate. 

Cooperative parties will give you a receipt and copy of the paid invoice along with relevant documents. These papers will include insurance information and the title. Not all offices require the same thing. So, you need to check the requirements for your jurisdiction.

You will need two copies of the transferred certificate of registry – one for your personal records and another copy for the vessel. Keep both copies safe and secure as backups.

Fill out an Application for a Certificate of Registry (CF428) and provide applicable fees for registration of a small government vessel. Also, present evidence of ownership like purchase receipts or other documents proving ownership. You can also contact your local Coast Guard office for specific requirements.

After approving your application materials, you’ll be given a Certificate of Registry (CF410) to keep on your boat all the time. You’ll need the services of a marine consultant if you want to register a previously owned vessel. A consultant will check the stability of the boat or any damages that may affect its operation. 

Your vessel must meet Transport Canada’s safety standards for first-time registration of a government-owned boat, so you need to make sure everything is in working order. 

How to Speed Up Registration

Registering through the Canadian Vessel Registry is straightforward, affordable, and fast. Fill out the processing forms online for ease of registration. By taking this step, the process will be more clear-cut and you can start operating the boat without much hassle. Make sure to organize all documents neatly (proof of purchase, insurance info, etc.), ensuring a headache-free submission.

Getting Further Certification

A Surveyor General must certify your vessel’s specs. The process may involve additional requirements based on the vessel in question. For instance, some commercial fishing boats require a total inspection to provide more insight into a boat’s framework and design. Overall, boats used for commercial use have more stringent regulations than recreational watercraft.

Transfer of Ownership

When transferring the ownership of a federally-owned vessel, the prior owner must submit all the paperwork associated with the boat’s modifications, construction, and registration to the pertinent territory or province. 

Both used boats and new boats must be registered with the relevant territory or province before they can set sail or provide logistic or commercial services.

Renewing a Registry Certificate for a Federally Owned Boat

An owner of a federally owned vessel must renew the application for the boat every two years. The application features over 50 questions about the boat’s history and current condition. These inquiries include questions about modifications or accidents. You’ll need to fill out the renewal form, CF2670 to renew your registration.

Registering a government-owned boat is involved, as you need to maintain a log of your boating activities. Therefore, ownership is not something you can take lightly. Fortunately, you can take care of any regulations concerning your boat through the Canadian Vessel Registry.

Federal Boat Registration Canada

Get Onboard and Register Today

If you have a government-owned boat that you need to register or renew, you can get through the process quickly by visiting the Canadian Vessel Registry. Go online now and find out for yourself how you can register or renew your vessel fast and carefree.