How to Register a Boat in Alberta on the Web

how to register a boat in alberta

If you happen to be a resident of Alberta, you already know that this Canadian province is a uniquely awesome place to own a boat. With more than 600 lakes to cruise at your leisure–not to mention picturesque backdrops as far as the eye can see–it would take a long time to see everything Alberta has to offer from the seat of your boat. If you are new to the world of vessel ownership, you are probably pretty excited to finally get your boat out on the water. After all, you probably had to budget for months (maybe even years) in order to allocate the funds necessary to purchase a water craft. Not to mention, you had to do a lot of background research to figure which type of boat is right for you. Once you did all that preparatory work, though, you were able to locate a nearby seller and make a fair offer. As you load up your cooler with snacks and beverages, this is probably a good time to learn how to register a boat in Alberta over the web. As a responsible boat owner, you should realize that you do not want to leave the dock without current documentation with Transport Canada, and that’s where we can help.

Whether you are new to owning a boat, or if you are a seasoned sailor, you should probably get used to working with Transport Canada. As the nation’s main transportation agency concerning infrastructure matters on both land and sea, Transport Canada plays an important role in preserving and protecting our waters. Most commonly, you will work with this agency as you obtain your boating license (officially called a pleasure craft operator card (PCOC)), and when you first document your vessel. The specific type of documentation you will need largely comes down to what you plan to use your boat for and where you plan to take it. Most commonly, though, your boat will require either a pleasure craft license (PCL) or a vessel registration. Read on to learn more.

How to Register a Boat in Alberta with Our Help

Before you start filling out paperwork, you will want to determine whether or not your boat requires registration. If you own a motorized vessel with an engine of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more, and you plan to use it purely for leisure activities, you will probably only need a PCL. If you financed your boat with a bank loan, or if you plan on boating abroad under the Canadian flag, you will need to apply for a registration. This will also be a requirement if you are planning to engage in any commercial activities with your new vessel.

We can help you register your boat with our online forms. We have fillable versions of the Form 1 – Application for Vessel Registration, and the Form 3 – Statement of Qualification for Vessel Registration. You can also upload your supplemental materials using our SSL-encrypted web portal.

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We have online forms for all of your Transport Canada needs. To learn more, spend a few moments exploring our site, or take a digital stroll over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.