How to Obtain Your Canadian Registry Certificate

How to Obtain Your Canadian Registry Certificate

Owning your own boat can be a wonderful adventure and can open so many fun doors. If you’ve bought a recreational vessel you are probably looking forward to days spent out on the water with your friends and family and the possibility of sailing to places around the globe. If you’re a commercial vessel owner you now have the lease to be on the water every day that suits your business. If you’re a vessel owner in Canada there are certain forms and filings you need to adhere to before you set sail. If you are interested in getting your vessel registered officially there are few details worth noting before going through the process.

If you own a recreational vessel you are not required by law to have it registered. This is unless you want to take a marine mortgage out with your boat or if you plan on sailing outside of Canada for extended periods of time. Having your vessel registered as a Canadian vessel can be a great way to stay safe and recognizable while outside Canadian waters. If you want to get your vessel registered it has some perks like having the name of your vessel officially registered as well as choosing your hailing port. It’s also a means of official proof of ownership. If you do get your boat registered with Transport Canada you have to display the numbers on the hull of your ship. For pleasure craft and air cushion vehicles, both the name and port of registry must be marked together on a clearly visible exterior part of the hull.

How to Obtain Your Canadian Registry Certificate1

If you own a Canadian commercial vessel you must legally register it, that is unless it falls in with exceptions that are listed under the vessel registration outlines. If you are registering your vessel you must decide which category it falls under. In Canada, all non-pleasure vessels powered by an engine of 10hp (7.5kw) or more and commercial river rafts must be registered with Transport Canada’s Canadian Register of Vessels or Small Vessel Register (Commercial).

When you want to get your vessel registered one of the easiest ways is to use a third-party service like ours. We can help immensely in making things clear cut for you. Tracking down the proper forms and ensuring that they are filed correctly can be a time-consuming mistake that can keep you off the water for weeks or months. If you use a third party like us we will look at your documents carefully and contact you to correct any spelling issues, inconsistencies or lack of information. If you are interested in learning more about the Canadian Vessel Registry, visit our homepage. You can call us during business hours to help with answering any questions or concerns that you may have. Our main goal is to get you on the water fast and legally!