Getting Your Boat Registration Numbers in Ontario

boat registration numbers ontario

If you are already looking ahead to boating season, you can hardly be blamed. While the winter months in Canada can feel endless, it is worth remembering that there is always a new boating season right around the corner. Before you know it, it will be time to head out to the lake and make some waves. If you happen to be an Ontario resident, you are also incredibly fortunate as a boater. The reason for this is that Ontario is home to more than 250,000 lakes, which account for roughly one-fifth of the entire world’s freshwater supply. With that said, you could hypothetically never boat on the same lake twice. If you are new to boat ownership, or you need to upgrade your documentation with Transport Canada, this is also a good time to make sure that all of your paperwork is current. If you require boat registration numbers in Ontario, it can also be helpful to know how you can apply for yours online. Fortunately, that is where working with a private service such as ours at the National Vessel Registry Center can save you some time and energy.

Buying a boat is rarely a quick and easy process. First, you need to get to know all the makes and models available on the marketplace to find the right boat for you. Then, you have to comb through all the “for sale” listings to find a seller that is offering something in your price range. Also, make no mistake about it, boats are expensive. For some prospective boat owners, it may take months or even years of budgeting and saving to buy a boat. Once you do have the vessel of your dreams, though, you are nearly ready to leave the dock. In some cases, though, you may need to process some paperwork with Transport Canada to make sure that you are in good legal standing. Read on to learn more about this process.

What are Boat Registration Numbers in Ontario?

So, how do you know what type of Transport Canada documentation your vessel requires? Well, it largely depends on what you plan to use your boat for. If you are like many vessel owners, your boat is purely for leisure (and not, say, business means). In this case, you can apply for a pleasure craft license (PCL), which is required for any recreational vessel with an engine of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more. When you are granted a PCL, you will be given boat registration numbers, which must be displayed on both sides of your boat’s exterior bow in characters that are at least three inches in height. They should also clearly contrast with the color of your boat.

boat registration numbers ontario
Get Your PCL Online

You can use our web forms to apply for your PCL online. Simply select the correct option from our navigation menu and follow our easy prompts. If you would like to find out a bit more, feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.