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Alberta Bill of Sale PDF

As we look ahead to 2024, another boating season will be quickly upon us. For boat owners all across Canada, this is a welcome development. After all, part of what makes our long, chilly winters worth it is the gorgeous summer months. While you start thinking about all the things you plan to do with your boat next year, you may want to also assess whether or not your boating needs have evolved. For some, this means considering that your family may have grown and you may need to upgrade your vessel. For others, this can be more about downsizing, especially if you do not use your boat as much as you used to. Regardless, if you are planning to move on from your current watercraft, you can likely command a fair price for it in Alberta’s bustling secondary marine marketplace. If you do manage to locate a buyer and agree on a fair price, you may also need to process some paperwork, and the good news is, we can help. If you are looking for an online version of an Alberta bill of sale PDF, we have everything you need on one convenient website.

Moving on from your boat can be a difficult decision to arrive at. It stands to reason that you and your family have made countless, lasting memories on your vessel, and it may be hard to imagine life without it. Still, you can take some comfort in the fact that others will be able to enjoy said watercraft, and you can also get a fair return on your investment since boats do tend to hold their values well. To get started on selling your boat, you will first want to thoroughly clean it and perform any routine maintenance tasks. Next, you should take high-resolution photographs of your vessel, both inside and out. From there, write up an engaging “for sale” listing that highlights your boat’s finer qualities. After you have posted your listing in digital and print marketplaces, you can then sift through the more serious offers. Once you and a buyer have come to terms, you can then work with a private service such as ours to finalize the deal.

When is an Alberta Bill of Sale PDF Required?

When you sell a boat, the forms required to be submitted to Transport Canada will largely depend on how the vessel is documented. When a leisure vessel has an engine of 7.5 kW (10 horsepower) or more, it must carry a pleasure craft license (PCL). Boats carrying PCLs do not technically require a bill of sale to be processed with Transport Canada, but you should draw one up anyway for record-keeping purposes.

Registered vessels are a different story. If you are selling a boat with a vessel registration, you will need to submit a Form 6 – Bill of Sale to Transport Canada. Fortunately, you can use our online forms to complete this process in just a matter of minutes.

Alberta Bill of Sale PDF

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