Do You Need a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License?

Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License

Boating is an activity that almost anybody can enjoy, which is one of its most appealing features. If you have the money to buy your own boat, you can go sailing whenever you want with your friends and family. Everyone can enjoy going out on the boat, whether they are young children or elderly people. If you’re already thinking about the required documentation, you’re probably wondering about whether or not you need a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft License. We understand that the required documentation can seem overwhelming at first. Knowing how to complete this through various methods will make you feel at peace, so keep on reading.

Do I Need a Pleasure Craft License for My Boat?

Not all boat owners need to acquire a pleasure craft license. That being said, many boat owners will need to. Specifically, if you intend to use your boat for fun and leisure activities and it has an engine with more than 10 horsepower as part of its characteristics,

It is important to understand that a “passenger” is someone who paid a fee to board the ship, not someone who was only invited on board for fun. (That individual would be known as a “guest.”). That being said if you intend to use your boat for transportation of passengers and goods be sure to check our website to learn more about the procedure. 

Another important thing about the PCL is that you will get a special registration number with your pleasure craft license, and you must display it clearly on the side of your boat (see more below). In the event that your boat is lost or stolen, this number may be used to track it and identify it. Additionally, failure to comply with TC regulations can result in a fine. 

Putting Together a Transport Canada Pleasure Craft Licence Application

So, how do you submit a PCL application? Well, you must submit a transfer of PCL form if you are buying a used boat with a current existing license. Transport Canada must receive a bill of sale along with authentic copies of both the buyer’s and the seller’s official ID.

You can start by visiting Transport Canada’s website. You’ll find a blank application form that you can print out with a little searching. The next step is to write down your name, address, a few characteristics about your boat, and the name and address of the previous owner.

You will then need to provide some extra documentation. A full-size profile photo of your vessel and a copy of your government-issued ID card are required to be included with your application. Once you have gathered all of your required paperwork, you can process your application by mail. You must next ship your application package to Transport Canada’s department in Ottawa once you have gathered and prepared all of your papers and supporting documents.

Using Our Portal Is The Fastest and Safest Way

Not everyone has the time to print a ton of papers, hand-write their signatures on them, and then rush to the post office in time for it to close for the day. Fortunately, the National Vessel Registry Center can assist, and there is a simpler way to get your PCL.

For Canadian boaters, we provide a user-friendly, optimized website with a ton of forms and applications. You can quickly finish your application by uploading your supporting files using our secure website. Take some time to browse our website to find out more about how we can assist you in getting back on the water. We can help if you need vessel documentation in Canada.

Where Should My Pleasure Craft License Be Displayed?

A pleasure craft license should be visible from the outside of your boat. Specifically, it needs to be visible from both sides of the bow of your ship. It must be positioned above the waterline. Even the size of the letters has a specific guideline: they must be at least 7.5 centimeters high (which is roughly three inches). Additionally, they cannot be of any color you’d like. In order to be visible, they must contrast with the color of the bow itself. Even after you’ve completed everything, you still need to have a physical copy of the Pleasure Craft License on board your boat.

Complete Your PCL Registration Online Without Any Problems

It might take a lot of time and effort to complete the necessary documentation after a boat purchase or sale. You might wonder if there is a quicker way to complete your papers with Transport Canada once you factor in the multiple trips to the post office and the printing and writing. Our simplified, quick, and easy online forms at the National Vessel Registry Center can help you submit your PCL transfer in just a few minutes. For this and many other Canadian vessel paperwork issues, we are a private business that provides SSL-encrypted forms. Contact us right away to find out more about how we can assist you.