Do Small Boats Need to Be Registered? Here’s What to Do With a Small Vessel

Boats Need to Be Registered

In accordance with the Canada Shipping Act of 2001, non-pleasure vessels need to be registered if they are to operate in Canadian waters. With this in mind, it’s good to know the details of the overall registration process. Like, what kind of vessel do you have? Do small boats need to be registered? What kind of registration do you need to get? How do you approach the registration process?

Do Small Boats Need to Be Registered?

So, do small boats need to be registered? Well, the specific registration you’ll have to get for your commercial boat will ultimately depend on its size. While all commercial vessels need to be registered with Transport Canada, certain smaller vessels will have fewer requirements when it comes to the registration process. However, what constitutes a small vessel officially? Well, let’s go over those requirements.

  • The vessel is used for commercial or non-pleasure purposes.
  • It must be powered by an engine of 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) or more.
  • The vessel can’t be over 15 gross tons.

If your commercial vessel meets these qualifications then you have to register it as a small vessel at the time of getting your boat registration with Transport Canada. It’s important to know that if you don’t have a valid registration for your non-recreational vessel, you might end up being subject to fines under the Canada Shipping Act of 2001. Your registration certificate is always necessary when operating your vessel.

What if You Have a Bigger Boat?

Now, if your vessel doesn’t meet the small vessel standards, you will want to go through the regular registration process. If your commercial vessel has a gross tonnage of over 15 tons, then you will have to register it as part of the Canadian Registry of Vessels. It’s good to remember, though, that in either case for someone to be eligible for ownership of the vessel, even if it is shared, they have to be a Canadian citizen, a Canadian resident, or a corporation incorporated under the laws of Canada. If you meet these guidelines, then you will want to use the registration form that’s available here on our website. You will soon be receiving the new certificate of registration in the mail so that you’re able to use the vessel accordingly. We make it easier for you to submit it via our platform.

Boats Need to Be Registered

Submit Your Forms to Transport Canada

Transport Canada bureaucracy, like all sorts of administrative paperwork, can be quite annoying and inconvenient, which is why we here at the National Vessel Registry Center want to make it all easier for you. Our platform has everything you need in regard to vessel documentation, be it your registration, your license, or other similar documents. And the best part is that should you need any help at some point in the process, we are ready to address your doubts and questions. Just reach out to us by way of our contact page through email or phone. Our team wants to make sure that you process your documentation application without any trouble.