Can You Title Abandoned Boats in Ontario?

Abandoned Boats in Ontario

There are plenty of abandoned boats in Ontario, Canada. These vessels do not necessarily pose a threat to the environment. There are various reasons owners abandon their boats. One of them is that they can no longer afford to maintain them. Furthermore, they do not want the hassle of registering their boats. If you find one, is it possible to title it? 

Titling Abandoned Boats in Ontario

It is important to know the procedures for titling abandoned boats. For one, you have to know the laws about this matter. You have to understand what constitutes abandonment according to Ontario laws. Each jurisdiction may have had its definition. Thus, familiarize yourself with the specific criteria that deem a boat abandoned in the province. 

Contact the Local Authorities

You should start by contacting local authorities responsible for watercraft and boating regulations in Ontario. The Ministry of Transportation and local conservation authorities can guide the steps to take and the legal requirements for titling an abandoned boat. 

Collect Available Documentation 

After contacting the local authorities, you can begin collecting available documentation related to the abandoned boat. It may include bills of sale, registration papers, or any other proof of ownership. Such documentation can be crucial when establishing your claim to the boat during the titling process. 

Notification of Abandonment

Ontario’s regulations may require a specific process for notifying the last known owner of the abandoned boat. This is typically done through certified mail or other official channels. Ensure that you adhere to the prescribed notification procedures and document all communication attempts. 

Waiting Period 

There is a designated waiting period after notifying the owner to allow them an opportunity to claim the abandoned vessel. Comply with the waiting period regulations outlined by Ontario authorities. 

It Is Time to Apply 

Once the waiting period has elapsed without the owner coming forward, you can start applying for a new title. Use the forms found on the right side of this page. You do not have to go to a physical office just to submit your documents. All you have to do is use the forms on our website. Fill out the necessary form and submit the necessary documents. Make sure that you also provide proof of your efforts to contact the previous owner. If you are not sure how to provide proof, you may contact our experts. 

Inspection Requirements

Before a new title is issued, you may have to meet the specific inspection requirements for abandoned boats. Be prepared for an inspection process that reassesses the condition and seaworthiness of the vessel. 

Issuance of Title 

When your application is approved, the authorities will issue a new title for the abandoned boat in your name. You should follow the prescribed procedure for transferring the title, which may involve paying applicable fees or taxes. 

Abandoned Boats in Ontario

Titling an Abandoned Boat 

You can obtain a title for abandoned boats in Ontario as long as you follow the structured legal process to ensure rightful ownership transfer. You can easily navigate the process by simply using our online forms. There is no need to go to a certain office to process your application. Simply use the forms on our website and you are good to go. To know more about the entire process, please contact our team today.