Boat Registration Number Made Simple

Boat Registration Number

Having your own boat can be both a curse and a blessing. There is no need to explain why we can think of it as a blessing. Being in the middle of the ocean, with significant others, feeling the soft wind on your skin, surrounded by the immensity of the blue, probably while enjoying some snacks and drinks, well… that is pretty much our idea of paradise. When we say a curse, we are thinking of the paperwork we need to deal with to keep current with vessel documentation. One of the crucial parts you need to understand to be up to date with Transport Canada is the Boat Registration Number. And this article will tell you everything you need to know about it.

What Are Boat Registration Numbers For?

When you buy a boat, registering your vessel with Transport Canada should be your priority number 1. Transport Canada is the governmental agency responsible for developing regulations, policies, and services for marine transportation in Canada. As such, getting your Boat Registration Number assigned by them is a key to your identification.

If your boat is lost or stolen, the registration numbers will help the assistance team in its recovery. In addition to that, if your boat is registered you can also fly the Canadian flag on your vessel. Being internationally recognized, can also help when traveling abroad.

The string of numbers normally starts with two letters, indicators of the province in which the vessel is registered in. After that, there will be seven digits, unique to each boat that displays them. Keep in mind that larger commercial vessels will sometimes begin plainly with the letter “C”.

When Should You Get This Type of Registration?

It is mandatory for every boat to carry a license, regardless of being a pleasure craft or commercial vessel. License and registration are not the same (more about the subject here). In short, you need to get registered if you are not navigating a pleasure craft. On those occasions, you will get a boat registration number. Situations that give you this type of documentation include:

  • Boats that will leave Canada
  • Vessels with a marine mortgage
  • Vessels with a tonnage of 15 or more.Boat Registration Number

Boat Registration Number

Get the Documentation You Need at the National Vessel Registry Center

If all of this information is not clear enough, the National Vessel Registry Center can help you out. We are a third-party agency that helps you get all the boating documentation you need, including boat registration numbers, pleasure craft licenses, and other types of paperwork you can think of. In addition to that, we help you get them completely online, while our experienced staff overlooks the applications you submitted to make sure no mistakes are made. That way, we prevent the process from being delayed. Contact us today for any other information you need!