The Benefits to Bareboat Charters in Canada

Bareboat Charters in Canada

“Bareboat charters in Canada” can sound odd when a person first hears it, like someone is chartering a completely empty boat so they can drift off into the ocean. It’s actually a great way for owners to get more out of their boats. Purchasing a boat is quite an investment, both in terms of money and time. After paying all of the taxes and fees, one has to get together all of the documentation for a Canadian vessel. Many ports and bodies of water in Canada don’t have great weather for boating year round. So many boat owners feel that they don’t use their boats enough. When someone only uses their boat for a few weekends during the summer, it can feel like they wasted their money. However, bareboat charters in Canada can help a boat owner to get that money back and then some.


Bareboat Charters in Canada Renting the Boat Out


Instead of having a boat sit on the dock all the time, bareboat charters allow the owner to use their boat to make money. Simply put, it’s renting a boat out to a captain. Then, they can use the boat as they see fit. Maybe they’re looking for a boat to show their family a good time on a precious weekend away from work from and school. Perhaps they’re entertaining important guests, and want to show them a great time on Canadian waters. The owner charges them, and the captain (and/or his crew) pays for the right to use the boat. That can help quite a bit with all of the costs associated with owning a boat. Insurance, gas, documentation for a Canadian vessel, and so forth bareboat charters can help bear the cost. Beyond that, many boat owners love having the idea of an additional revenue stream.

Bareboat Charters in Canada

Properly Vet Captains and Crew for Bareboat Charters in Canada


A boat owner wouldn’t let just any random person onto their boat, so why would they let someone they don’t know or trust drive their boat? Make sure that anyone who applies for vessel chartering actually has experience in what they’re going to do with the boat: navigation, anchoring, and so forth. Ask for references and follow up with them. The goal with bareboat charters in Canada is to make money not lose it due to having to pay for maintenance and repairs.


Let Someone Else Handle Form 18 Application for a Bareboat Charter Registry


Acquiring bareboat charters in Canada isn’t as easy as an owner just handing their boat keys to another person. There is quite a bit of documentation for a vessel to become a bareboat charter, much of it confusing. Luckily, the Canadian Vessel Registry Center can make it simple. They can fill out the paperwork quickly and completely. That way, the boat owner can spend less time worrying about “form 18 application for a bareboat charter registry” and more time thinking about what they’ll do with their extra money.