Bareboat Charters in Canada: Dipping Your Feet in the Market

Bareboat charters in Canada

There’s more to running a bareboat charter than simply being on the boat shoeless. If the term “bareboat” seems confusing, think of it more like “unfurnished.” If someone says “I’m buying the apartment unfurnished,” then you know that it means the apartment wouldn’t have furniture, and might not even have blinds or items like that. Bareboat charters in Canada work in a similar way. You can find all of the forms that relate to these charters (as well as other issues) at our site.

Bareboat charters in Canada

All Kinds of Bareboat Charters

We know that there are multiple kinds of bareboat charters. Our forms will work with all of them. So, you’ll be able to use our firms whether your bareboat charter is one that specifically goes for yachting. We can also provide forms for bareboat charters that work with shipping as well. No matter what kind of bareboat charter you’re interested in, nor the length of the charter, you can find the registration for it at our site.

Registration for Bareboat Charters in Canada from another Country

We know that many of our customers are looking to register their commercial vessels as Canadian bareboat charters. It’s a great way to use a vessel to make money essentially all year around. To qualify for this, you have to be a “qualified person” under the CSA 2001. In the CSA, “qualified person” means “a Canadian citizen or permanent resident… “Or a “corporation incorporated under the laws of Canada or a province.” If you meet both of those, and you’re coming from a country that Canada has a reciprocal agreement with Canada with, specifically in regards to bareboat charters, then you’re good to go.

How our Bareboat Charter Forms Work

If you click on the link for “bare-boat chartered vessels” at our site, you’ll find that the form for registration. We know that not everyone wants to spend all day typing out forms, which is why we make ours easy to use. Simply type in each answer and then tab over to the next. One thing to keep in mind: the form must be completed and then signed by the bare-boat charterer themselves. Someone can help them with it, or even fill it in, but at the end of the day, they have to sign the form for it to be legally valid.

Easy to Come Back to

We know that many times when someone sits down to fill out one of our forms, they find out that they needed more info than they might have previously thought. That’s understandable, these forms are quite complicated. So, these forms are easy to come back to when you’re ready – you can simply pick them up right where you left off. Once you do get your bareboat charter up and running, we have forms that can help with many different other facets of owning or even selling a vessel. Find out more about our forms by calling us at (800) 419-9569.