Bareboat Chartering,What Should I Know?

Bareboat Chartering,What Should I Know

If you picturing yourself sailing through sunny coves and exploring the waters of tropical islands you might be interested in bareboat chartering. However, it’s not as easy as hopping on a sailboat and setting off. There are five essential things you must master before you take the plunge. The first of those five is the ability to sail a boat. If you don’t know how to sail you’re going to have a very tough time making your way around.

If you want to learn to sail you have to understand that each area you sail in has differences. Some can be easier than others and they all have their own nuances. With that in mind, you have to have an honest moment with yourself about your abilities. You can sign up for sailing classes and begin to learn the ins and outs of being on the water. The skills you need for sailing include things like trimming, reefing, steering under power and steering just using the sails and wind. You should also learn skills like mooring and anchoring, navigating using charts and navigating using a line of sight. If you have completed these courses regarding sailing a bareboat charter you have proven your ability to be a competent sailor.

Bareboat Chartering,What Should I Know1

Another thing to consider that is part of the five is the conditions in which you are sailing. No matter where you go things can change in the condition where you sail. If you are working with a charter company you want to ask them what kind of conditions you are deemed to encounter during your trip. Before setting sail a very important step to take is to inspect the bareboat charter you are taking. If you are renting from a company you don’t want just take their word for fact. This means asking one of the charter company’s employees to attend your inspection so that you can ask any relevant questions or address issues.

Before you get involved in a sailing adventure you have to be sure that you have the right equipment and supplies. This means making sure you have life jackets, a few different means of reaching out for help (flare gun, maps, and charts) you should also take stock of any food you might need. If you plan to be gone for a while you will want to ensure that you have food to eat. Some charter companies will give you an option of ordering supplies with them that they will provide the day that you come for your rental. The final thing to be aware of is the members of your crew.

If you are planning to go on a bareboat charter with your family, teach them what you know. If you have young children they should understand any safety procedures and of course wear lifejackets. If your friends or family don’t understand how small a bareboat charter is making them aware beforehand. You don’t want you family complaining over cramps spacing if they weren’t aware of it beforehand. With these rules in mind, happy sailing!