Bareboat Chartering Your Canadian Vessel

bareboat chartering your canadian vessel

Owning a boat especially a big one, like a yacht not only requires a large investment up-front, but there are substantial maintenance fees involved as well. Sometimes, as a boat owner, bareboat chartering your vessel can make a lot of sense. Think of it like renting out your car you can command a fee from a captain and crew to charter your boat for their needs, all the while helping defray the costs of docking, maintenance, insurance, etc. If this sounds appealing to you, here are a couple of factors to considering before bareboat chartering your Canadian vessel.

The Necessary Requirements to Be Met

Obviously, your vessel is important to you, so you want to know that it’s going to be in good hands. Considering those who charter your boat will be responsible for sailing, driving, navigating, anchoring and docking it, they’ll need to be thoroughly qualified to do so. You would be wise to ask any prospective applicants to submit an experience resume that you can vet in-depth to ensure that they have spent enough time on a vessel to know what they’re doing.

bareboat chartering your canadian vessel

Filing the Correct Paperwork with the Canadian Government

While bareboat chartering your Canadian vessel can be a smart way to generate extra revenue, there are some steps to take before you can simply hand it off to a qualified captain and crew. You will need to submit a form known as an Application for Bareboat Charter Registry to Transport Canada. This form along with a Statement of Qualification will ask for particulars about your vessel, including (but not limited to): name, port of registry, measurements and dimensions, details of underlying registration, as well as the details of each owner of the vessel (should there be more than one).

Let Canadian Vessel Registry Center Help You Get on Your Way!

If you like the idea of making your vessel available for charters, but you’re a little uneasy about all of the paperwork involved, we can help. At Canadian Vessel Registry Center, we offer an easy to use web portal for your Application for Bareboat Charter Registry. Our helpful team of experts will also examine your documents to ensure their veracity and completeness, so you can minimize the risk of having your application rejected. We also offer many other helpful vessel registration services, so no matter what your Canadian vessel needs may be, chances are good that we can help.