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Alberta Boat Registration

Are you looking to get your Alberta boat registration? Then you need to consider a few different factors throughout this whole process. The National Vessel Registry Center can help.

How to File For Alberta Boat Registration

The process to file your Alberta boat registration will depend on the specific circumstances under which you are registering it. Let’s take a look at what the different cases might look like and how you can take care of your own registration.

Registering a New Commercial Boat

When you purchase a boat directly from the manufacturer or a retailer, you are going to receive a bill of sale, which serves as the receipt of sorts that makes the purchase official. This is the document that will serve as a key component of your registration, so make sure that you have that in order. Once you do, you will be able to go ahead and visit the initial registration tab on our menu to get started. There, you will find the form that you need to submit in order to get your commercial registration. Not only that, but you can also fill it out directly through our platform in order to then submit it directly to Transport Canada. Our service for Alberta boat registration can make sure you don’t experience delays.

Registering a Used Commercial Boat

Now, if you’re not purchasing the boat new from the manufacturer or from a retailer, but rather from a reseller, then the process will be different. In such cases, it won’t really be up to the new owner but to the seller to file the corresponding paperwork. The documentation needs to be transferred to the new owner, which can be done through a specific process here on our website. If you are transferring ownership head over to the transfer form on our menu and upload the bill of sale, which will serve as proof of the transfer of ownership to the new owner. Along with this, you will need to fill out the form with the information about the new boat owner so that they can have their Alberta boat registration in order.

Registering a Pleasure Craft Licence

However, it’s important to know that the process will not be the same for recreational vessels and pleasure craft. After all, these have different documentation; not registration but a pleasure craft license. Because of this, you will have to look into the process to get that license or transfer to a pleasure craft license. Don’t worry, you will also be able to take care of these applications through our website. 

Alberta Boat Registration
Submit Your Registration Forms

Your boat ownership should be fun and exciting, which is why we don’t want you to have to worry too much about its more menial aspects, such as paperwork. Here at the National Vessel Registry Center, we can help you take care of all this quickly and efficiently so that you can focus on what matters most. Here, you will find every form, every application, and every guide related to your boating documentation, so go ahead and get started with whatever it is you have to do, be it your registration, your pleasure craft license, or your boat history transcript. Our platform will have everything you need and more.