What To Do With The Official Boat Identification Number In Canada

boat Identification number from Transport Canada

You are the proud owner of a pleasure craft vessel in Canada and have successfully applied for a licence with the help of the National Vessel Registry Center. We have given you the tools you need to receive your Pleasure Craft Licence Card, and the boat Identification number from Transport Canada that comes with it. You may have obtained this number, but now you are wondering what on earth you have to do with this number, and where it should be displayed to satisfy the demands of Transport Canada. If you think that you might need some assistance with this question, just remember that our teams are here to help you, and offer you advice about using your license to sail Canadian waters.

What Is A Pleasure Craft Licence Number?

This ID number, sometimes just known as the licence number, is the identification system that allows Canadian Coast Guards to ID your vessel and discuss it in the case of an emergency. The number will help search and rescue teams trying to spot you in bad weather and is also a good way of demonstrating to Canadian police that you are an honest sailor. It is mandatory for all pleasure craft with a 10hp+ engine to apply for a licence, so if you haven’t received this number yet you should check with Transport Canada, and maybe submit your application again. We can help you with all parts of this process, so it will not be uncomfortable or difficult. Once you have that number, there are certain things that you must do to display it.

 boat Identification number from Transport Canada

What To Do With The Number

Once you have the number, you have to display it on the bow on both sides. The number must be written above the waterline, in clear, block characters which are at least 7.5cm high. The color used to write the number on the vessel must be a contrast with the color of the bow so that if the bow is black then writing in white is the most obvious option. There is no restriction on the width of the number, as long as it is clearly visible against the bow of the vessel. You must also have the number on an interior part of the hull, with the letters O.N written before them, so that people can easily see it is the ID number. This hull inscription must be 4cm and above and easily read.

Applying For An ID Number

If you want to start the process of obtaining a boat identification number from Transport Canada, then you need to consider getting help from the National Vessel Registry Center. Our teams are experienced in dealing with this issue and can assist you in getting the number easily, without having to repeatedly apply for the number. We make this application process less hard, so if you want to talk to us today, contact us using our online form or call (800) 419-9569 now.