What to Do After Getting an Alberta Boat Bill of Sale?

Alberta Boat Bill of Sale

Did you just purchase a boat in Alberta? Well, congratulations. With an Alberta boat bill of sale, it is time to navigate the next steps to ensure a smooth and legal transition of ownership. Here are the essential actions you must take. 

Verify the Completeness of the Alberta Boat Bill of Sale 

Start by thoroughly reviewing the document you have received. You should ensure that all pertinent details are accurate. These would include the buyer and seller information. You should also examine the boat specifications and the sale price. An accurate bill of sale is vital for the legal transfer of ownership. 

Obtain a Vessel Abstract 

In Alberta, a vessel abstract provides detailed information about the boat’s history and outstanding liens. Requesting this document from the appropriate authorities ensures transparency about the boat’s condition and legal standing. It also offers peace of mind for both the buyer and seller. 

Complete the Transfer of Ownership 

To start the transfer of ownership, you should submit the necessary forms using our online tool. Send the bill of sale, along with any additional documentation needed. You may contact us if you need further help on what documents you need to submit for this purpose. 

Check for Outstanding Liens 

Before you even finalize the transfer, you should check for any outstanding liens on the boat. You should ensure that there are no unresolved financial encumbrances to protect you from potential legal implications down the line. The abstract obtained earlier can assist you in the verification process. 

Update Insurance Information 

If the boat is to be insured, update the insurance information to reflect the new owner’s details. Insurance is a crucial aspect of boat ownership, providing coverage for unforeseen circumstances and liabilities on the water. 

Notify Transport Canada 

If the boat is over 10 meters in length or has an engine with 10 horsepower or more, notify Transport Canada of the ownership change. This step ensures compliance with federal regulations and contributes to the accurate maintenance of the Canadian Register of Vessels. 

Keep a Copy for Your Records 

Once the transfer is complete, retain a copy of the boat bill of sale and all related documents for your records. Having these documents on hand can be beneficial for future reference, potential resale, or any legal inquiries. 

Alberta Boat Bill of Sale
Start Enjoying Your Purchase 

Learning how to navigate the entire process of registering your boat is crucial before you can enjoy your new maritime acquisition. Keep in mind that if there are issues with the boat, you may encounter legal hitches that will affect your experience. That’s why it is pertinent that you verify the completeness of the bill of sale. You should also ensure that the transfer of ownership is complete. Then, ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Our website is here to help you set the course for a trouble-free boating experience, we have the necessary documents that you need including the Alberta boat bill of sale. For additional guidance, you may contact our team today to ensure your boat ownership journey is as smooth as the waters you are planning to sail on.