What is the Definition of Pleasure Craft in Canada?

Pleasure Craft

There are not many better ways to spend a sunny summer afternoon than out on the lake on a boat of your own. As you soak up sun rays, catch fish, or just hang out with your friends and family, having your own vessel can unlock countless hours of enjoyment. If you have been toying with the idea of buying a boat, these warm summer months can finally give you the nudge you need to finally take the plunge. Buying a boat, though, is a major purchase. In fact, for many, it is the most significant investment they can make outside of buying a home or a car. With this in mind, it makes sense that you would want to perform an ample amount of research first. This means figuring out whether or not you would like to purchase a new or used boat and getting to know the different types of makes and models. Since there will also be some paperwork to handle, you may also want to learn the definition of pleasure craft in Canada.

There are a couple of reasons that you may want to learn just what a pleasure craft is. For starters, this category can cover many different types of water vessels, but notably, not all of them. Additionally, there are different forms of documentation required from Transport Canada, and pleasure craft will require a specific type of license. As you enter your boat-owning years, you will become familiar with Transport Canada, as this government agency is responsible for managing transportation issues on the waters throughout the country. Read on to learn a bit more about pleasure crafts, as well as the specific mode of documentation you will require to legally operate yours.

The Definition of Pleasure Craft Explained

So, just what is a pleasure craft? Well, in very simple terms, this distinction applies to any boat that is used for purely recreational purposes. To be a little more exact, any motorized leisure vessel that has an engine of 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) or more is considered to be a pleasure craft by Transport Canada. These types of vessels require what is called a Pleasure Craft License (PCL), which is sometimes referred to as a boating license. A PCL assigns your boat a registration number which must be displayed on your boat’s bow (both sides) in characters of three inches in height that clearly contrast with the exterior color of your vessel. PCLs are valid for 10 years.

To get your PCL, you will need to fill out an application, which you can conveniently do using our web forms. This application will ask you for some fundamental details about yourself and your boat. You will also need to upload a full-size profile photograph of your vessel and proof of ownership, which is often done with a bill of sale.

Pleasure Craft

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