What Boat Gifts Ideas to Try for Someone Who Lives on a Boat?

boat gifts ideas

People are living on a boat because they just love the convenience associated with it. If you are trying to surprise someone, then these boat gift ideas are a must-have in your cart. 

Perfect Boat Gifts Ideas for Boat Lovers  

1.) Compact Kitchen Gadgets 

While on a boat, space is often at a premium. Thus, a compact and multi-functional kitchen gadget can be a lifesaver. Consider gifting collapsible measuring cups, nesting cookware sets, or a space-saving French press for their morning coffee ritual. 

2.) Portable Solar Charger 

Help your boating friend stay connected while off the grid with a portable solar charger. It is a handy device that harnesses the power of the sun to charge phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. It is an ideal tool for life on a boat where access to shore power may be limited. 

3.) Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

Music is a must-have for any boat enthusiast. A boat waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows your friends to enjoy their favorite tunes both on deck and below deck. Look for a rugged, water-resistant speaker that can withstand the rigors of life at sea. 

4.) Compact Fishing Gear 

For the angler in your life, consider gifting compact fishing gear that is easy to stow on board. Look for collapsible fishing rods, compact tackle boxes, and lightweight fishing reels that will not take up too much space in their storage compartments. 

5.) Marine-Grade Binoculars

You can help your boating friend navigate safely and enjoy breathtaking views with a pair of marine-grade binoculars. Look for binoculars with waterproof and fog-proof construction, as well as built-in compasses or rangefinders for added functionality. 

6.) Personalized Nautical Décor 

You can add a touch of maritime charm to their onboard living space with personalized nautical décor. Consider custom boat name signs, engraved brass plaques, or decorative throw pillows featuring coastal motifs. 

7.) Portable Hammocks 

Get your friend a gift of relaxation with a portable hammock that can be easily set up on deck or ashore. Look for lightweight, packable hammocks made from durable materials that can withstand exposure to saltwater and sun. 

8.) Compact Foldable Bicycles 

Another gift idea is a set foldable bike that lets your friend explore new destinations ashore. Space-saving bikes can be easily stowed on deck or below deck. They can also provide a convenient means of transportation in port. 

9.) Sea-Themed Books 

Fuel their passion for the sea with a selection of sea-themed books. Whether it is tales of maritime adventure, practical guides to boat maintenance or captivating novels set at sea, a good book is always a welcome gift for those who live life on the water. 

10.) DIY Kit – Tools

If that someone is a DIY enthusiast, then put together a kit of boat projects and repairs. You should include essential tools, marine-grade adhesives, and materials for all small repairs or upgrades that will keep their vessel shipshape. 

boat gifts ideas

11.) Renew Documentation 

On the other hand, if that someone has everything in his boat, you may consider paying for the renewal of his boat documentation. You can do so by going to our renewal page and entering the details about his boat. Our team of experts will review the documents before submitting them to the proper authorities. 

Those boat gifts ideas are great for any boat lover who lives on a boat. And yes, including boat documentation. If you need help with the renewal of his documentation, please feel free to call us.