Use the Ontario Boat Registration Lookup to Access the Date You Need

Ontario boat registration lookup

Have you been intending to get information off of the Transport Canada vessel database? Well, here’s how you can use the Ontario boat registration lookup to find the information you need.

Ontario Boat Registration Lookup

There are two ways to look up information on the Canadian Registry of Vessels and each will come in useful in different situations. If you are looking for some quick current information about a specific vessel, then you will want to go to the Ontario boat registration lookup that you will find on the Transport Canada website. You will need to provide the official hull number, vessel name, and official and comprehensive summary of a vessel’s documentation, then you should submit a request for a transcript, which you can easily do through our platform. Let’s take a closer look at the two main ways in which you can receive information from Transport Canada’s database.

Looking Up Information in the Registry

If you wish to look up some quick information about a specific vessel in the Transport Canada’s vessel registry, then you’re looking for the query system. This Ontario boat registration lookup tool, which you can find on the Transport Canada website, allows you to look up particular information regarding a specific vessel if you have its identifying hull number. What should you come to expect from this query? Well, just the basics. This will give you some quick but useful data about the boat, who owns it, and what its current standing consists of. This will be a great tool if you need to quickly confirm a claim of ownership, or if you need to learn about possible claims on the vessel. Should you need more information, though, you might have to request a transcript. 

Request a Full Vessel Transcript

Perhaps this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe what you need to access is more thorough information about the vessel, including all the data about previous owners, potential claims over the vessel, and the overall registered history of the boat, then you will want to request a transcript. This is essentially a compilation of all relevant information regarding the vessel that Transport Canada has in its database. In order to request this transcript, then you will simply need to submit a form, which you will find here on our website. Once you provide the identifying hull number and relevant information in the form and submit it through our platform, it will only be a brief matter of time before you receive the transcript in the mail.

Ontario boat registration lookup

Submit Your Transcript Forms

Documenting your vessel will always be an important component of your boat ownership here in Canada, which is why we don’t want you to have to go through this process alone. At the National Vessel Registry Center, we have everything that you might need in order to take care of these processes. Whether you are getting your boat registration or your pleasure craft licence with Transport Canada, you will find all the tools that you might need right here on our website. And, should you need any more information or assistance with the application process or by filling out the forms, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help. You will get your documentation processed in no time