Transport Canada Vessel Registration and Winter Safety Boating Tips

Transport Canada vessel registration

In the past, we’ve mentioned what to do if you’re considering going out boating in cold weather. Winter boat rides can be some of the best boat rides, as you’ll take in a kind of beauty that you won’t be able to see any other time of year. However, for many boaters, they go out in warm temperatures, only to get caught in severe weather once they’re already out there. Transport Canada vessel registration is important, but boating safety is incredibly critical once you’re actually out on the water.

Tip 1: Don’t Panic 

When you’re out on the water and severe weather strikes all of a sudden, it’s only natural to panic. Let that initial moment flow through you, take a breath, and bring yourself back to the task at hand. The first order of business is often to slow down. You’ll note we said “slow down,” and not “stop.” You want to maintain steering and headway, neither of which you’ll have if you bring everything to a stop. 

Transport Canada Vessel Registration: What to Do on the Boat Itself 

Severe weather, even if you see it coming from far off in the water, can be unpredictable. That’s why the next order of business is to minimize the chances of swamping as much as possible. That means closing everything: doors, windows, hatches, and everything else. By that same token, the last thing you want is for anything to float away from the vessel, too. Stowing any gear safely away that will be unnecessary to the operation of the boat is a very good idea at this point. If you can’t do it as you’re at the helm, then having someone else (who may not be as nautically savvy as you) to do is can save time and effort while keeping them from panicking as well. 

Transport Canada vessel registration

Lights and Lightning 

Severe weather can take many forms. When people hear the phrase “severe weather on the water,” the first thing that comes to mind is usually a thunderstorm, or perhaps a blizzard this time of year. Should you see lightning or hear thunder, you will want to strongly consider disconnecting any and all electrical equipment. Additionally, recommend to your passengers that they might want to stay away from metal objects on the vessel. Another form of severe weather that folks often don’t realize can be a problem: fog. Heavy fog can be dangerous, so turning navigation lights on, no matter the time of day, can be a good first step towards dealing with fog. 

Transport Canada Vessel Registration and More 

These are some tips that can keep you and the people you’re with safe if you’re on a vessel and severe weather arises. In addition to staying safe on your boat, you want to be safe from fines (or worse) when it comes to your boat registration. We can help there, too. You can find all of the necessary Canadian vessel documentation forms at our site. For more info, you can call (800) 419-9569.