Transferring the Licence of a Pleasure Craft

Pleasure Craft

If you want to buy a used pleasure craft in Canada you might be wondering how you go about transferring the license? You first must keep in mind that a license is not the same as a pleasure craft operator card (which is more commonly referred to as a “boating license).” A boating license is required to operate a boat that is power-driven. A power-driven vessel is any boat that is controlled by machinery. Whereas, a pleasure craft license is a unique identification number – commonly referred to as the “license number” – that you must display on your recreational vessel. To transfer a boat’s pleasure craft license into your name, you must submit the following documentations: proof of ownership of the vessel, a signed photocopy of a government-issued identification card, a full side view photo of the vessel in color, and a completed application for transfer of a pleasure craft license. You may submit a pleasure craft licence transfer form.

Pleasure Craft

If you’re in a situation where you do not have the documentation that proves you own your pleasure craft there are alternatives to take. You can be required by law to take a declaration sworn under oath stating the facts behind why you can not produce proof of ownership or bill of sale. You can use a sample declaration form to help with this matter if needed.

If you are the person who is selling your craft to another individual the process is a little different. You will need to keep a copy of your bill of sale so that if questions arise later the owner of the vessel can be proven. You must also provide the new owner of the vessel with a signed bill of sale. The new owner will have to then follow the steps relayed above to start the process of transferring the license into their name.

If you have any further questions regarding how to transfer the license of your vessel to a new owner or how to apply for a pleasure craft license in your own name, you can refer to our Frequently Ask Questions page. You can also call the National Vessel Registry Center at 1(800) 419-9569 toll-free to relay any questions there weren’t answered in the F.A.Q. a portion of our website.