Transferring Ownership of a Boat in Canada in Just a Few Steps

Transferring Ownership of a Boat

Along with getting paid for it, selling a boat requires additional and accurate paperwork. It’s crucial that the buyer and you both understand how to transfer ownership of the boat. Having the appropriate documentation will help both parties avoid getting into any sort of trouble with Transport Canada or any other authorities. If you’re unsure about the difference between a transfer of ownership for a pleasure craft license and a boat registration, well, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll cover this and more about transferring ownership of a boat in Canada in just a few steps, along with the advantages of using our online forms in order to make the process quicker. 

Transferring Ownership Documents As a Buyer

Considerable transactions like buying a car or house typically involve a good deal of paperwork. The same is true for transferring ownership of a boat in Canada. If the boat you’re buying already has a license or registration, it will need to be changed to your name. With our assistance, you can complete this apparently long and difficult amount of paperwork in a quick and efficient manner.

You must first gather some basic information. You will require documentation proving your ownership of the boat (such as receipts and titles), a picture showing the entire side of your new boat, and a legitimate form of Canadian government identification. After putting these things together, you’ll need to fill out a form to transfer ownership of the boat, and depending on the method you choose, you can either mail it or do it online. 

Transferring Ownership for a Boat Sale

If you’ve finally made up your mind about selling your boat, there are a few things you should consider. While some might believe that the sale through the exchange of money should be enough as a transfer of ownership, the purchase must be made official by making the necessary transfer of ownership application. You will need to provide a series of documents and complete a short form. You can hand-write all the information needed and mail it through the postal service, but there is also an alternative with fewer and easier steps through our National Vessel Registry Center portal. 

To complete the transfer of the vessel’s Certificate of Registry, any mortgages that are registered to the boat must either be terminated or transferred. You must be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or a corporation formed in accordance with the laws of Canada or a province in order to be eligible to register as the owner of a boat in Canada and submit an application for boat ownership transfer.

Change of Ownership of a Pleasure Craft License and Registration

What must you then do in order to complete the official transfer? You must submit an application if you want to transfer your vessel’s registration or your pleasure craft license. Both of these forms will be easily accessible for your convenience with us at Transport Canada. To help you approach this, let’s discuss these two distinct processes.

As far as a recreational vessel goes, you must transfer the pleasure vessel license (PCL) in order to formally transfer ownership. The identification numbers displayed on either side of a boat’s bow during an emergency, used by the Search and Rescue teams, are represented by the PCL. The data is in a database that rescuers can access to find registered boats and their owners. To ensure that the official Transport Canada registration reflects this change in ownership, you will need to submit an application to transfer the pleasure craft license to the new owner. To make it convenient for you, you can do this through our platform.

On the other hand, a boat registration grants the owner a formal title and enables the new owner to assign the boat a unique name and identification number. Additionally, it allows the owner to fly the Canadian flag and utilize the boat as security for a marine mortgage. The registration must be transferred with the boat if you are selling it or giving it to someone else. 

Transferring Ownership of a Boat

An Easier and Faster Way to Transfer Ownership

For your convenience, you can find all the forms you might need for transferring ownership of a boat right here on our website. You can not only complete them here, but you can also submit them. Our online service also allows you to work on the forms at any moment and at any time. Your transfer of boat ownership no longer needs to be a hassle. Try our simple step-by-step application process: Finish the online form, send in your paperwork, and you’re done! Your documentation will be sent to the appropriate authorities by us, leaving you more free time to do the things you enjoy the most! 

Please feel free to get in touch with us through our website if you have any further inquiries about the transfer of boat ownership.