The Differences Between Buying a Used Boat and Buying a New One

Buying a Used Boat

Getting a new boat comes with a lot of exciting new possibilities, but also with some duties. If you are buying a used boat or a new one, then you will need to keep the following in mind.

Registering Your New Vessel

Whether you are buying a used boat or a new one, you will need to go through the registration process in order to be able to operate it commercially. And, if you’re getting it for purely recreational purposes, then you will need to get a pleasure craft license for it. However, the process will be different depending on whether the boat is new or not. Here you can check out the differences in case you’re undergoing this process with either. 

When Buying a New Boat

If you’re buying a new boat straight from the manufacturer or a retailer, then you are probably going to receive directly from them all the documents you might need in regard to registration. After all, all you need to do when registering a vessel is prove ownership over it, which can easily be done by way of the bill of sale you receive from the seller. All you’ll need to do, then, is submit the bill of sale they give you along with the form for new registration, which will make sure that Transport Canada registers you as the official owner of this newly registered vessel. You can find this corresponding form right here on our website, where you will be able to fill it out and submit it through our processors.

When Buying a Used Boat

Now, when buying a used boat, the process is going to be a little different. After all, the boat will most likely have prior registration with Transport Canada, which means that you can’t file for initial registration with it. Instead, the previous owner will have to file for a transfer of ownership, which will officially pass along the registration to the new owner in the eyes of the corresponding authorities. As part of this process, they will also need to submit the bill of sale corroborating that the new vessel is, in fact, the property of the new owner. You can file for this transfer right here on our website, all for your convenience. Be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions about the application process and we’ll help you out as soon as possible.

Buying a Used Boat

File For Registration

Transport Canada bureaucracy, like all sorts of administrative paperwork, can be quite annoying and inconvenient, which is why we here at the National Vessel Registry Center want to make it all easier for you. Our platform has everything you need in regard to vessel documentation, be it your registration, your license, or other similar documents. And the best part is that should you need any help at some point in the process, we are ready to address your doubts and questions. Just reach out to us by way of our contact page through email or phone. Our team wants to make sure that you process your documentation application without any trouble.