Some Dockside Safety Issues

some dockside safety issues

Dockside Safety Issues is an important consideration. In today’s fast-paced world, the dockside can pose some safety risks for everyone, from dock attendants to bystanders to boat owners. It is especially true if you are involved in the shipping business. Several accidents happened in this area. One of the accidents that occurred on the dockside was a pick-up truck dragged in the harbor by a mooring line, which was hauled in by a ship. The handler escaped injury and possible death by quickly jumping out of the truck. There is confirmation that similar events have taken place in several parts of Canada that resulted in a fatality. Thus, the National Vessel Registration reminds all port authorities, line handlers and other people who are associated with these activities to consider having policies and procedures that could address hazards, thereby, minimizing associated risks.

Dockside Safety Issues & Tips

Some boat owners get complacent when they are at the dockside. Some dockside safety issues and tips are to always coil or extra line on the dock and onboard. Apart from it looking more professional, it can also prevent people from tipping over or falling over a loose line. As the owner of the boat, it would be your fault if it were your line that they tripped over.Before leaving, turn off the AC breakers on board. Then, do not forget to shut down the breaker before disconnecting the power cord from the dock. Never carry it off the boat and to the dock. If you ignore this tip, you will be in the drink with a live wire when you slip.

some dockside safety issues

The Canadian Register of Vessels

Then, turn off all outside lights. Do not forget to disable your VHF radio and instruments too. Blasting your radio loudly is un-neighborly. It is also vital to remember not to connect the dock water supplier to the pressures side of your boat’s water system. It is to prevent your boat from sinking. Regarding navigation lights, The Canadian Register of Vessels has rules for your safety. You should never use unapproved navigation lights. The use of LEDs, underwater lighting and other kinds of decorative lighting is a violation of the navigation light provisions. If you are not sure about the other safety issues on the dockside, you may take some basic boating safety courses at your own pace. Several organizations are offering them. Whether anchoring, mooring or docking at a marina, you should never ignore the customs and traditions of boating. To find some dockside safety issues & tips please visit our website for more information.