So You’ve Lost Your Transport Canada Boat Registration Certificate?

Transport Canada Boat Registration

Losing paperwork can be stressful and frustrating, but there’s usually a way to replace the lost document. That’s true when it comes to your transport Canada boat registration. Though it may take a bit of time and effort, there is a process you can go through to get a new certificate so that you can stay legal and valid when you have your boat out on the water. This guide will help you through each of the steps so that you’re never caught out on the water without your papers.

How to Request a Transport Canada Boat Registration

Have your boat registration documentation on board your vessel at all times. Remember regulations also require it to be in good condition. If it’s lost or damaged, it could be deemed invalid, leaving you at risk of fines and penalties. For that reason, if you’re lost your certificate, it’s time to request a new one. You can complete the task with ease here at the Vessel Registry platform. Keep reading to find out how and why it’s so important to request a replacement as soon as you realize your registration has been lost. 

Why You Need a Copy of Your Registration

When operating a commercial vessel in Canadian waters (and sometimes outside them), you must possess a current and valid certificate proving proper registration of the boat. Unfortunately, a photocopy or screenshot won’t do the trick. Consider creating a backup copy of your documentation in case you lose or damage it. Some boat operators keep a copy of their paperwork in dry land.This purposefully creates a safe set of documents to replace any damaged or lost papers, preventing any docking while awaiting the arrival of new ones.Operating your boat without the proper documentation sets you up for legal trouble, so it’s best to comply with regulations at all times.

Transport Canada Boat Registration

Requesting a Replacement

While replacing your certificate isn’t a difficult process, you will need to make sure that all of the details are correct to ensure that you get the right paperwork with the correct information on it. Errors and incomplete paperwork can prolong the replacement process and leaves you open to additional fees and fines. Simply fill out the replacement request online, pay the fee and we’ll take it from there. In just a short time, we will issue the new certificate and you can then file it safely. Consider backing up on dry land to ensure you have coverage. This way, you’re safe if something happens to your registration while you’re out on the water.

For a safe boating experience, always follow recommended guidelines and ensure you have the necessary safety measures in place. Learn more about boating safety at

Do you have questions about the Transport Canada boat registration replacement process? Do you need help facilitating the steps to obtain a new set of registration paperwork? We’re here for you. Contact Canadian Vessel Registry today and we’ll guide you through the steps and answer all of your questions.