Safety and Boat Registration Go Hand in Hand

boat registration

Boat safety and boat registration have one important thing in common: they’re both the responsibility of the person who owns the boat. When you’re behind the helm, it’s your duty to be as safe as possible, for yourself, the people on your boat, as well as other boaters on the water. When you’re filling out your registration, you have a responsibility, too: to make sure that you have everything done properly so that you can be in legal compliance. We can help with that. Below are some tips to stay safe on the water this summer even with the pandemic. 

Social Distancing Before you Get on the Boat 

Unfortunately, there’s really no time when you’re out in public when you can “take a break” from worrying about the pandemic. The virus could be on practically any surface. Any person that you come into contact with maybe potentially infected. So, when you’re on your way to getting on your boat, you have to keep these things in mind. If you’re at a public dock or marina, for example, you have to assume that the other people have the virus. Additionally, you have to assume that the shared areas you touch have it too: any lift, tie-up post, rope, and so forth. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid them at all costs, it means that you should be careful. Wear gloves. Have hand sanitizer. Stay six feet or more away from people. That way, you can give yourself the best chance for great boating all summer long and beyond. 

boat registration

Social Distancing on the Boat 

The heading of this paragraph doesn’t mean that you have to stay six feet from everyone while on the vessel (although, if they aren’t in your immediate household, that’s a great idea). It does mean that you want to be careful about beaching your boat right next to someone else’s, or getting within six feet of their boat while on the water. Again, the same rules apply: they could have the virus. Their boat could have it as well. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them, nor does it mean that you can’t hang out in the water with them. It just means that you and yours are better off maintaining at least six feet of distance at all times. 

Further Safety Protocols, Boat Registration, and More 

The above activities may seem like a lot right now, but over time, they might be enveloped into just more safety actions that as boat owners we see as part of a boat ride. Hopefully, soon, all of these actions will be unnecessary. One thing that won’t be unnecessary: registering your boat. At our site, you’ll be able to register your boat at any time from practically anywhere. Plenty of our customers has actually done so while out on their boats. You can soak up summer’s rays and get your documentation done. If you have any further questions, you can reach us at (800) 419-9569